Hide or reset rank

Is it possible to hide or reset rank in this game? I do find I take a lot of abuse over VOIP and text regarding my rank, I would rather other players did not have an indication of how long I have played the game for.


  • iSoldier_iSoldier_ Posts: 70Beta Tester
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    For the abuse, mute them or report them.
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    The only thing we didn't do was give you a call at home.
  • -=M|K|H=-Gorilla-=M|K|H=-Gorilla Posts: 540Beta Tester
    Create a new AAPG Account
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 471Player
    Create a new AAPG Account

    And then prepare to be kicked because you are a suspicious E-1 dominating servers.
  • -=M|K|H=-Gorilla-=M|K|H=-Gorilla Posts: 540Beta Tester
    I think many players and admins know bye now that there are many players that create new accounts. Some for that vary purpose. However not that I am saying all admins to private servers know how but should know and have the access to the knowledge and capability to checking a players background.
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