SpeedHawk Gaming New Server - Recruiting New Members

Hello everyone, today we bring you SpeedHawkGaming, this is a InnerHospital server only, 24 Hours of non stop Chaos. We have a 30 Round games which last over an hour long if your in it for the long run. (We also have all Weapons and Scopes unlock to you don't need those TIME Consuming Achievements in order to use the scopes you wanna use.) We have active Admins which are on every single day to be on the server to watch over our players, We have 4 Admins for our server, but what we really need is more Members and players for our server, that brings me to my next statement.

Currently we need more players for our server because the population is low at the moment because we just got the server up a couple of days ago. So we need more members for our server which the benefits from there go up for our members as long as they are active most of the time, we understand if you have school or other situations to be at. We also offer a Teamspeak server for our members and anyone who wants to join to play with us, or ask questions. We also Have a Discord server in which anyone can also Join and use to get in touch with other friends or Community members to play with, or to ask our Admins questions. Last but not least, we built a website dedicated to friends, players, and just anyone who wants to come have a chat with us on. We also offer website support which you can talk to one of our admins with to ask any questions you need or would like to ask us about our server or ts and discord.

We really appreciate this opportunity to get to know the Community and wish to see you all on the Battlefield.

Our Website: https://www.speedhawkgaming.com/

Our Teamspeak Server: ts.speedhawkgaming.com

Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9ZSfwmB


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