G-SYNC works this game?

I got new monitor Acer Predator XB271HUA 144MHZ/165MHZ OC G-SYNC monitor.
I have G-SYNC ON in nvidia control panel. Do i need to but V-SYNC OFF on game settings ? SO G-SYNC can work or it can be ON?
Or do this game even support it?


  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    I have an AOC G Sync monitor. V Sync is off. But limit the refresh rate to 144 ingame, over 144 G Sync doesn‘t work anymore and you will get the „tearing“.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,065Moderator
    G sync(or any other display sync feature) is irrelevant to the software(game) running.
    It has a framerate range it will work efficiently, outside of that range it wont work.
    You will have to check your monitors documentation for the range, but its typically 30-144fps(on a 144hz monitor)
  • Ok ty for answers.
  • V-synch OFF now, framerate smoothing ON and framerate limited 165. Monitor is OC mode running in 165MHz. This works better what 144MHz. I get stable 165 fps all the time.
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