Ranked GameMode? + Ideas +Warrant Officer/Officer Ranks As LvLs?

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Well, I Was Thinking, If These Other Games Has A Ranked GameMode, Why Can't AAPG?
Atleast Some Players Will Take The Match Seriously. Unlike The Players Who Shoot You In The Back To Take Their Anger Out On You And Players Who Just Leave The Game As The V.I.P Or Leaves You With 3 Other Players To Fight Against 8 Other People On The Enemy Team.

Also, Penalties. If The Player Decides To Leave During The Match, They Will Not Be Able To Play Until The 10 Mintues Are Up. If This Specific Player Keeps On Leaving The Game, The TimeOut Counter Will Keep On Adding Up Where The Player Can Still Play The Normal GameMode But Has To Wait Until The TimeOut Counter Runs Out InGame.

Plus, Ranks. In Some Games That Has A Ranked GameMode Has Ranks That Are Different From The Normal GameMode.
Using A Popular Game As An Example: Instead Of LvLing Up In Numbers. In Ranked, You Can Lvl Up To Medals Like Bronze And Diamond.
So, If AAPG Had A Ranked GameMode. The Ranks Might As Well Be The Warrant Officer/Officer Ranks From The Army
Ranks As Examples: Warrant Officer (WO1/W1), First Lieutenant (1LT/O2), And General (GEN/O10).

To End This, Map Selection. My Idea To The Ranked GameMode Is You Can't Choose The Maps. But Instead, The Maps Will Be Randomly Selected By The System. (This One Was Short, I Know)

The Ranked GameMode Might Not Come To The PS4, EVER. But I'm Just Giving Out My Ideas. Also, I Added A Poll To This If You Want To Answer It.
Should They Add Ranked To AAPG? What Did You Think About My Ideas?
  1. Should There Be A Ranked GameMode?10 votes
    1. Yes! :)
    2. No! >:(
  2. What Did You Think About My Ideas?10 votes
    1. It's Good! They Should Implement This! :)
    2. No Kid, Its Horrible! Go Back Playing Kid Games! >:(
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  • Crd86Crd86 Posts: 11Player
    I think you are over complicating it but I do think your rank should go down if you play bad shoot teammates leave early etc
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,278Player
    Just FYI Officer ranks are a nogo. Sorry!
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    You're missing the best branch on your profile pic. Because of this infraction, I voted no.
  • BeardlessSumoBeardlessSumo Posts: 31Player
    edited December 2017
    Ranked Lobbies will only help the competitive scene, just like private lobbies. But we need the private lobbies first, and we are getting them. But yes, ranked lobbies with a Leaderboard that reflects true skill related to wins and losses; not accumulated XP points or kills. We would need a true skill ranking system. For example, AA: True Soldiers perfected their ranked matches system. It was based on levels, and everyone started without a ranking and leveled up to 1, 2, 3, etc. The higher your level, the higher up you'd be ranked on the leaderboard. You would move up or down in level and rank based on who you beat or lost to. If you were a Level 3 and there were several Level 10's on the other team, and you beat them, you would gain more ranking than if you beat a team of Level 2's. And if you're a high level, losing to low levels, your rank will go down more than if you lost to another high level.
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