Hydra map problem.

I can't play on the new map hydra. It says "time out" and kick back on the main menu. I'm using PS4. Am i d only one expriencing this kind of problem? What should i do? Thank you.


  • [Dev]Rawrster[Dev]Rawrster Posts: 329Developer
    It may be due to a bug limiting the map to 6v6 at the moment, so you see open slots but can't actually join the match in progress.
  • Ok. Thank you. i will just wait for them to fix it. Or should i delete and re install the game?
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Player
    Don't reinstall. That won't help. It'll require a fix if it's a bug.

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • SuzukiPilotSuzukiPilot Posts: 8Player
    Hydra is up and running. That was FAST!!! Good work, ppl!
  • SuzukiPilotSuzukiPilot Posts: 8Player
    OH, thanks for the quick fix, Y'all awesome!
  • Thank you sir! I was about to reinstall it, but i saw your advise. Thank you.
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