TWL 2017 Final Balance

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Hello everyone,

We are almost completing 1 year of AAPG competitions here at TWL, and 1 year with myself leading this project, as Lead Game Admin.

When I first start this project, i knew that we would have high and low moments. But the fact that I knew the game and its community, and also the fact that i absolutely believed in this game system, was strong enough to hold my goals in sight.

My objective had 2 goals. The first was to retrieve competition to the AAPG, and that was easy, but the second was to grow every single season, and that despite the difficulty, it was also achieved.

I know, that some of you believe that a different system would allow a more competitive competition, and with that a stronger game, but, like i said before, i believe that is quiet the opposite. For me, more teams playing this game, make this game stronger, and that is why the second goal was so important in my strategy. And truth is, from Season 1 to Season 3, the AAPG grow 50%.

But not everything was good. From the lack of staff from Season 1 to the huge amount of teams declining Invite in Season 3, from the absence of a decent site to the non-existence of a true script, lots of things went wrong. But in the end, i believe that together, we were able to overcome the obstacles, and let me say, at the end of my legacy, I really believe that we made some very strong and solid work, that will result in a promising 2018.

That said, i cesse my duties as AAPG Lead Game Admin, by wishing the best of lucks to Sotaratsu, that will assume my previous duties, as the new AAPG Competition Manager.

To finish my statement, i just want to thank all my staff, Sotaratsu, Incha, Ferrari and Rqm, for their excellency of work, and all the teams and players that believed as much as me.

Thank you all,

Spet, former AAPG Lead Game Admin

BTW... check the new TWL site after Christmas... i believe Santa will leave us a good present. Meanwhile, we are already preparing TWL next year, with lots of news, and competitions. PS4... we are counting on you!!
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