Pros and Cons: Opt-in #4

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A little late to post this once again, but here it is. My thoughts on the opt-in.


:) Really noticed character models this time around, they look fresh
:smile: Fullscreen borderless window is on point
:smile: Crossfire bridges now sound like they should (metal clink)
Actual gameplay visuals are looking sharper


:'( I'd like to see supported position strafe gone.
:'( I'd like to see automatic reloads gone; We can press "R" when out of ammo.
:'( I'd like to see detailed damage-inflicted information on specific opponents at the end of the round.
:'( In-game UI could look nicer (scoreboard, weapon selection screen, end of round screen, end of match screen, etc).
:'( Audio

Experimental: (Test it out and see how it plays out)
:p Lower sprint speed while reloading.
-Explained: When sprinting, hitting R can either place you in a running speed somewhere between walking and sprinting(50ish%) in addition to the reload. OR, hitting R while sprinting switches you back to walking speed in addition to the reload.

**PRO-TIP TO DEVS: If you fix the M4 gun fire sounds you'll reduce sound complaints to a large degree. If you remove supported strafe you'll reduce gameplay complains by an even larger amount. Guaranteed complaint reduction with this easy formula. Honestly.

What are your pros?
Devs, how do you feel about the experimental part?
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  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    I like the experiment and love the pro tip.
    #Support Comp Mode
  • -v3.Bart!-v3.Bart! Posts: 125Player
    Same here, the experimental is needed to stop people from having no ammo management at all and getting away with it.
  • SOPMODSOPMOD Posts: 230Player
    Pro tips approved.

    Though recent dev posts indicate they don't know why people think the M4 sound sucks.

    Now make a "how to fix M4 sound" thread. Go! :#

    Experimental: (I prefer no sprinting and reloading at all) but how about adding:

    You can't start a reload without first stopping your sprint. It adds a concious action in between sprinting and reloading.

    The reduced sprint speed would still be there in this suggestion, only you need to stop the sprint first to be able to start the reload animation.

    Too much?
  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    I thought maybe just maybe when the Devs asked which games we think sound great, they're actually asking what they should change the sounds to..or close to
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  • SOPMODSOPMOD Posts: 230Player
    True, that's exactly what i meant, that doesn't mean they know why people think it sucks though. They might interpret it another way seeing how they initially didn't understand why it sucks.

    It's subjective, in the end it's what the majority think is or isn't acceptable.

    It was just a joke anyway lol

    What about the stop to reload thing?
  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    why we think it sucks? well its sound.. i mean its a preference thing .. but if the majority hate your sounds I think its a good idea to change them!
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  • {Armada}mango!{Armada}mango! Posts: 24Player
    " I'd like to see supported position strafe gone."

    Please please please.

    I'd like the recoil of the AR upped, and the AR the only weapon being able to use supported position. This way the weapon will be used as it's meant to be (support) and can we close the "m249 is OP' as well.
  • SoldierBobSoldierBob Posts: 76Player
    I'd like to see medical beds not give immunity to frag damage. k thanks.
  • SOPMOD wrote: ยป

    What about the stop to reload thing?

    I dont need to stop runnig to reload :(

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