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OlimatgamingOlimatgaming Posts: 19Player
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Hey nice to meet you all. My gamertag is Olimatgaming. I'm currently looking for people to play the game with and have fun. I'm a Army Reservist as a 92Y supply specialist and love everything about the Army. I'm hopefully going active duty after my conditional release process is finished. I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to send me a friend request. I'll update this post as people join (if they join lol). Thank you for your time.

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  • uscav19D20uscav19D20 Posts: 6Player
    Add me, you can probably tell by my name my MOS. On PS4 it is uscav19D20.
  • OlimatgamingOlimatgaming Posts: 19Player
    edited December 2017
    Awesome, I'll send an invite your way. (Once i get home from shopping with the wife).Welcome aboard.

    "Friend request sent"
  • OlimatgamingOlimatgaming Posts: 19Player
    We got a few more members. Anyone who wishes to join us feel free to post here or message me on PlayStation.

    Also today i had my best game as a sniper. Not super impressive or anything but it was a good game.

  • JipjijJipjij Posts: 5Player
    Looking for few guys to do a few games with. Can usually hold my own. Rank cpl in game 4000kills 1.71 fr
  • zeven0412zeven0412 Posts: 2Player
    Hi there! You can add me! I'm on PS4. zeven0412 my PSN! :)
  • OlimatgamingOlimatgaming Posts: 19Player
    I'll add you both, thanks for the interest
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