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AAPG has a large community of players , ive noticed that there is some really decent players who are always joining the game so we have a chance to expand AAPG into a real competitive game hosting tournaments for championships. The possibilities are there and theres already a core of players who want this to happen. While streaming im asked about these things all the time so the interest is there for ppl who dont play but would if it was available. So if its possible can you guys look into these issues, maybe a leaderboard system im sure you guys have all our data beig that you keep track of our stats etc. Not a ranked system based on score but actual true skill , weapons leaderboards would be cool to.. And how about a unit system , and a website dedicated to showing current champs , number 1 contenders . weekly matches showing winners or losers. A way to show our streamed matches on the internet taking top plays and clutch moments of the matches for highlight reels.. I know im out on a limb but this game should not be free its the most competitive true skill based game on next gen...thanks for giving this to us
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