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Is it still possible to get the scaleform tools, i know pretty much nothing about it. i was planning on learning how to use scaleform to be the first to put a minimap in my custom maps and then teach everyone (even though im sure you need to buy a license for it)

I tried finding it on the autodesk website, but it seems they dont sell it or support it anymore. i couldnt find any links or anything for it. Maybe im not looking in the right place, i dont know. Do i even need scaleform tools? can you just make your flash elements and make them work the way you want in kismet?

I literally know nothing about it at all, so any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

The autodesk website wont even let me create a support ticket from the scaleform page.


  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Ill probably just pick up a book and realize how stupid this post sounds, but at the moment i literally have no insight into scaleform and udk3 other than that its used to draw UI elements.
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