Global internet server

i have the global internet server option enabled but when i start my server it still only running on lan
can someone help me with this?, i have opened the ports in the modem and the setup is correct but my server is only runnin on lan, mi command line is this

"F:\Instalados\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\Binaries\Win32\AAGame.exe" server BDX_Breach_EX /AuthServerUserName=fffff /AuthServerPassword=ffffff /AuthServerIP= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=AAHostAServerConfig-mk_server /SAP=7780 /SGSP=7778 /SQP=27015


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,334Beta Tester
    You haven't bound it to your internal IP using "Multihome"

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