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    a little R&R about weapon jams.... i still remember basic training IRL, when it came to qualifying the m16... interesting story... i step up last, out of the whole company, basically (the line was alphabetical i guess. my last name starts with Z.)
    anyway, i go up to grab my weapon from the rack when it's finally my turn, this m16 that i spent each day for a week zeroing perfectly, only to find my platoon's chump flunkie problem child had taken/switched out my weapon earlier and left me with his jacked up weapon... (everyone knew earlier that his weapon was fubar)
    i told the drill sergeant what happened and he said it was tough luck and i had to fire this junk weapon anyway... it was so messed up. i literally had the weapon malfunction after each bullet fired. it would not fire 2 rounds in a row without manual fixjam. i did fixed between each shot fired (about halfway through i started preemptively fixing without wasting a target to a jam) and i actually qualified with the bare minimum. the drill sergeant watch and was completely amazed.
    sadly, i didn't know at the time the drill sergeant was not serious about forcing me to shoot. after, he told me he would have let me retest had i not actually qualified with the broken weapon.. but since i passed, then instead he denied me a retest...
    so i ended up graduating with a cruddy marksman badge instead of the chance at expert, which i had easily achieved on all the other weapons. i even shot perfectly 3x in a row with the m9 pistol. some big wig up there kept making me face off against another guy who also was shooting perfect score, to get a coin... i gave up after 3 rounds because i was hungry and my arm was getting tired :p oh, and then 2 weeks after graduating boot camp i had victory over the entire battalion in annual exercises...
    but man i had to wait 12 months until i could retake that m16 test to upgrade that marksman badge...

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    How good was the problem child doing with your rifle!? :)
    AAPG is good!
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    Good read Shifty,

    Few pointers here. If your going to write a wall of text, examine shiftys post and use that format.

    Next up, recoil is up and to the right, if you have to hipfire good luck cause it's gotta be the most random thing in this game. Agree with whoever wrote that

    I'd take a random fixjam over point blank drawing an outline of an enemy cause hipfire is a joke (Don't tell me 'just use your scope' cause AA2 had hipfire as it should be)

    Also cause I haven't said this yet - do something with this game please, these opt-ins have killed my love for whatever this open beta is.

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