Impact Emitter & UnrealCascade Bugged

Im more just looking for DEV insight on how to work around this. i know its a lot to jump into an engine or the editor.. change things, and not create hangups, or glitches from fixing something else.

I was trying to create a tutorial on how to use Cascade, but im like 90% sure the physical material impact emitter property is bugged. Along with all of the other physical material emitter properties.

my particle system kept on aligning on the world axis and not inheriting anything from where i shot and where it hit. it also was not updating real time even after restarting it twice. this was until i kept on restarting it and closing it working on things not for the purpose of fixing the bug....

Then i start shooting the wall and bam, the impact emitter is working like normal. updating in real time. inheriting stuff from the angle i shoot and the angle of the normal. IT IS REALLY BUGGY
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