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With this week coming to an end! We see NOIG keeping their win streak up at the top and we see Iforget hopping over CFC to the number 3 spot in the ladder!!
7 Nani jumping a few spots these are the scores from the previous week.
Not Only Internet Gangsters vs IX - Arditi Incursori 14-2
Danish Dynamite vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad 14-2
Virtual Insanity vs Chicken's Farm Corporation 7-9
Portuguese Rangers vs Inglorious Army 13-3
I Forgot How to Play vs Mordeczki Squad 12-4
Internet Gangsters vs Slayers Team 8-8 OT: 0-2
Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad vs Polish Army Squad 11-5
Seriously Team vs FOX Polish Clan 0-4
Team Sevn vs I 7 Nani 7-9
Warriors of Redemption vs Superieure Vlaamse Strijders 9-7

Giving this as a new standing

with the following matches in the next week. Will the top 3 be shaking up? Will CFC climb back over Iforgot or will everything remain like it is? Does ]H[ have a word in the debate at the top? Who knows ? find out next monday ! here are the next matches

Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Warriors of Redemption
Seriously Team vs Local Strategic Terror Squad
Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs Inglorious Army
I Forgot How to Play vs IX - Arditi Incursori
Portuguese Rangers vs Internet Gangsters
Chicken's Farm Corporation vs Mordeczki Squad
Danish Dynamite vs Slayers Team
Team Sevn vs FOX Polish Clan
I 7 Nani vs Polish Army Squad
Virtual Insanity vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad


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    The #1 spot is nearly guaranteed to Not IG for several weeks now as long as they do not have a severe meltdown. The interesting chase is for #2. The matchup between VI and Hakkepaliitat will eliminate a contender for the hunt for 2nd. If iForgot, CFC and VI all win their last 2 games, the winner will be determined by the Point Diff column....and it's going to be very close. It's also interesting to point that it is possible that these 3 teams finish with the same W/L record, Pts Diff, and Pts. In the event that happens, what the heck would we do? VI beat iForgot. iForgot beat CFC. CFC beat VI. Playoffs? Playoffs? Hello?

    Example Scenario:
    -VI- wins week 8 and week 9, 20-12 (combined)
    iForgot wins week 8 and week 9, 23-9 (combined)
    CFC wins week 8 and week 9, 25-7 (combined)

    Technically, all 3 would be tied for 2nd with no clear winner due the 3rd (and final) tie breaker according to TWL rules. The 3rd tie breaker is W/L record against each other, which is 1-1 for these guys...all 3 of them. Anyone from TWL wanna chime in on this scenario? I love drama, I hope this happens. Anyways...


    Based upon the above scenario, you see what needs to happen. iForgot needs to win 4 more rounds in 2 weeks than VI for 2nd place. CFC needs to win 6 more rounds than VI for 2nd place.

    VI is still in the drivers seat though. They need a solid 2 games with as many wins as possible to secure 2nd place. But it won't be easy. This week, they're taking on H who should be able to rob some rounds from VI.

    CFC has a good chance to score big against Mordeczki. VI beat Mordeczki 16-0 and iForgot beat them 12-4. They'll need this match up to close the gap in Pts Diff with VI and iForgot.

    It's tough to project the matchups for Week 9, but 2nd place definitely will not be decided until Week 9. Matchups are going to be key.
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    5-2 bro? Need me to come out of retirement and fly over seas? So you guys can win?
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    i9 LF 7-8 players to fill the hole left by my precious doogle. Plz someone, anyone. Play with meee. :anguished: :anguished: :anguished:

    Yes, come over. Extra room in the cellar next to the fridge I keep my Belgian beers

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    I'm just curious who will continue the twl seasons, and how many teams will be still playing.
    This season has been a comedy so far: game has been particularly sloppy, servers have been worse than ever, lack of interest from twl, no streams, lack of good teams in this league.
    I think we have officialy come to an end for competition to this game (unless inneronlly comp now lmao).
    Also give iforgot playoffs so they can redeem their losses (rofl).

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    I've been pleasantly surprised. Not really from TWL itself as the organization, but from the AAPG guys running the show. Particularly their fast updates and matchups, which is all manual. Not everything is perfect, I have my own suggestions that I'll post up after the season ends.

    Gameplay is def sloppy from many teams, but I think that's more due to the game sliding into the pooper. I don't see many of the participants playing between the Sunday matches, so maybe in a way TWL is what's keeping some players around? Streaming is hard in EU, I cannot pronounce half these names haha.

    I'm not sure the outcome would be any different, but playoffs would have been nice. Especially for such a tight grouping at the top.

    I also think there's some good teams here. Plus the sportsmanship is too good to not have another season. Though I hope a new league emerges. Or at least a complete revamp of TWL
  • iDK.ArkeiroiDK.Arkeiro Posts: 775Player
    There are some good teams, yes, but where is the real competition? Where is n1, where is kss, other old teams, vi and iforgot not even practising, not using main rooster etc. Only one team trains everyday, and they had to leave some of their own clan members out to get otther guys just to compete. Idk what to say, has been fun but its ending soon.

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  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    I hear ya. Hope it changes next season, wouldn't mind some scrims but not many play. Maybe it's time for a draft tourney in between seasons
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    Yeah, where the [TOS Violation] is n1.....
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    I am not entirely sure if that's the same people i remember of, but Chicken's Farm Corp. reminds me of an Hospital server back in AA2. Are they polish?
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