Server - DefaultGame.ini versus AAGame.ini

As near as I can figure the DefaultGame.ini contains all of the possible sections and properties used to configure a server, commented and set to their default values. When the server is booted it reads the AAGame.ini and any configuration properties that it needs and doesn't find set in the AAGame.ini it takes from the DefaultGame.ini. If the server can't find an AAGame.ini it will create one from the DefaultGame.ini. There are several .ini files that work this way that are associated with an aapg server:
  • AAGame.ini, DefaultGame.ini
  • AAInput.ini, DefaultInput.ini
  • AAEngine.ini, DefaultEngine.ini
  • AASteamUGCManager.ini, DefaultSteamUGCManager.ini
  • etc.

Like most .ini files brackets define a section and a section contains name=value pairs.
; a comment - text is ignored to the end of this line.


The syntax used for entries in the DefaultGame.ini is slightly different from that of the AAGame.ini ... property names preceded by a plus sign (+) will be added to the AAGame properties. For example in the map rotation configured below the maps listed in the DefaultGame.ini preceded with a plus (+) are added to the map rotation list created by the entries in the AAGame.ini.

MapRotationList="FLO_Irish What$76561198288742066_th"
;This list determines which maps the server will rotate through

Is there an official source for information like this?


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,613Beta Tester
    DefaultGame.ini is "supposed" to create the other user files when certain actions are taken. (that's how that ' + ' sign works...) Unfortunately there have been some bugs and people started editing the above file. That is NOT the way it should be but a lot of people say "hey if it works who cares?"

    So... it's now a case of 'whatever works, do it.'

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  • {IRISH}Maximus{IRISH}Maximus Posts: 46Player
    So as a best practice we should edit AAGame.ini, and leave DefaultGame.ini alone?
  • Bear_82Bear_82 Posts: 381Moderator
    So as a best practice we should edit AAGame.ini, and leave DefaultGame.ini alone?

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  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,510Player
    If your provider is End of Reality it only works with DefaultGame.ini if you use AAGame.ini it will not save.
  • DAMAGER.borgDAMAGER.borg Posts: 16Player
    What about the same ini files that are in the folder that was created when you saved your server settings?
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  • =WTF=deadbang=WTF=deadbang Posts: 2Player
    how do you get it to list in game browser
  • [EF]=JAY=[EF]=JAY= Posts: 114Player
    how do you get it to list in game browser

    You need to make sure all the correct ports are forwarded.

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