TWL week 6 update!

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With week 6 coming to an end there was the first no show of the season!! LSTS wasn't able to get enough people online to play their match! Will they recover in the remaning season and climb back up? We have to wait and see about that?! With CFC In the top 3 we don't see alot of changes going on in the top ! With XI Arditi Incursori being the best new team coming in top 5 closing the gap with Iforgot here are the weeks results !

Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad 10-6
Internet Gangsters vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad 4-0
Virtual Insanity vs Team Sevn 11-5
Danish Dynamite vs Inglorious Army 7-9
Chicken's Farm Corporation vs I Forgot How to Play 7-9
Slayers Team vs FOX Polish Clan 7-9
Warriors of Redemption vs IX - Arditi Incursori 8-8 OT:0-2
Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs I 7 Nani 7-9
Seriously Team vs Polish Army Squad 6-10
Mordeczki Squad vs Portuguese Rangers 11-5


with the season closing in to the end we are going to see very interesting matchups yet again! Can LSTS fire back! and what will happen in the top with these teams? and Can NOIG keep their number on spot in the ranking with the number 5th looking to sneak closer again!

here are the new matches !! These will be played in Intercept! Week 7 matchups:

Not Only Internet Gangsters vs IX - Arditi Incursori
Danish Dynamite vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad
Virtual Insanity vs Chicken's Farm Corporation
Portuguese Rangers vs Inglorious Army
I Forgot How to Play vs Mordeczki Squad
Internet Gangsters vs Slayers Team
Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad vs Polish Army Squad
Seriously Team vs FOX Polish Clan
Team Sevn vs I 7 Nani
Warriors of Redemption vs Superieure Vlaamse Strijders

see you next week!


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    Top 5 will start to shake out after this week. CFC and VI going at it is an important match-up for a handful of clans.

    1) VI. If -VI- wins, they have pretty much locked up 2nd place. They've played Not IG, iForgot, SeVn, and if they can beat CFC they'll have no other major contenders to close out the season.

    2) CFC. If CFC is able to pull it off, they'll at least make 2nd place available for at ranks 2-7. If CFC loses a close match, they'll be at a high risk for giving up 3rd.

    3. iForgot. Definitely rooting for CFC. CFC needs the win, and iForgot needs to score well against the next few teams to gain ground on VI in point differential, which is the first tie-breaker for the same W/L ratio. If CFC loses, iForgot (with a win over Mordeczki) steals away 3rd place from them with a better W/L ratio, AND buy wiggle room with the point differential if they potentially drop a game later in the season.

    4. IX, Mordezcki. IX and Mordezcki have the ability to steal 3rd with a string of strong performances. However it's important to note that these teams are facing the top tier competition. IX vs Not IG and Mordezcki vs iForgot will lead to...#5!

    5.Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad. They're still in the hunt for the top 3, but are in a stretch against the top teams. I predict a win versus PAS, then some potential (and very tough) match-ups against VI, CFC, or SeVn in the coming weeks. XI and Mordezcki will be watching.

    6. SeVn. Down but not out. They've played the top contenders and I look to see them climb back up the rankings as the season winds down. Predicting 4th or 5th depending on what happens w/ CFC.

    7. wR. I haven't had the opportunity to see these guys play yet, so I'm curious to see how they do against sVs. I'll know more about their chances after this week.
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    Thanks for great reviews :)
    Been watching the situation in TWL page, so did not notice things here. But reports from -sVs.rQm^ are great each week. And doogle did a good and accurate work on more detailed report. GJ guys ;)
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