How Do You Determine UMM Map Name for a legacy.bin

I've got a bunch of UMMs on my server, but I don't know how to reference them in the AAGame.ini for map rotation and map voting. How do you figure out what the correct map name is for ..\203290\243180241\3296940930185274721_legacy.bin?


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    if it says legacy its an out of date map and wont run
    list should look like this
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    I went to the AAPG Workshop and found a map called Shadow House
    I got its FileID=250698450 off the URL and added it to the AASteamUGCManager.ini
    ; Shadow House

    The aapg server downloaded the map and created this directory/file:

    ... and if I am understanding you right you are saying is that this 531763106147170850_legacy.bin will not work with the current version of AAPG?

    Seems like half of the files on the workshop are *_legacy.bin files. Is there any reason to keep them?

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    Still not sure what these legacy.bin files are ... it appears that the AASteamUGCManager is downloading them, but they don't seem to work.

    I found this Steam Workshop Downloader page (

    WARNING - I don't know if this is a legit service offered by Steam ... could be a scam or worse; it could be a trojan/virus vector - WARNING

    Given a valid Steam Workshop file ID, this service appears to download the map file (.umap) ... when I give the file ID for Shadow House (250698450) it gives me the file bdx_irishshadowhouse$76561198010796370_bdx.umap which looks more like what I expected the AASteamUGCManager to give me.

    That .umap won't load on the server either and the service doesn't give me the ShadowHouse.metadata file, which I think I need too.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? What are these legacy.bin files and why is the AASteamUGCManager downloading them to my server?
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    The Legacy.bin files have to do with the old maps made with the original editor in Open Beta before some changes where made to how the maps were cooked or seared.

    The maps had to be republished on the new editor, and not everyone did it. So....the way to tell is to only subscribe and download maps published after a certain date. Unfortunately I can't remember when, but someone will.....

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