TWL week 5! important annoucements + updates!

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With week 5 being over I want to start this preview of the week with a annoucement!
TWL will be giving away a 6 month server to the winner by lowping! To this years season winners!
The best new team will also get a reward for their partipation in the season! They will recieve a 3month servers by lowping!
How will the best new team be decide ? Let me explain! The criteria to determine this will be as followed! A new team is considerd when you have 40% or less of a previous roster!
For example: Team unknown changed to CFC BUT their roster is 80% of the roster they had in season 1 so they are not in the race for best new team of the season!

We always want to make you aware that TWL is always looking to improve ! We can say now that you are able to ask for a server on the TWL discord server! How is it called? Need-a-server !This is an easy way to gain acces to a server to play either fair on or when yours is down and need a backup plan! Not only did we add this to our discord! We also want to encourge people to use the Scrim channel to find scrims aswell! Use them they are there to be used!

With these accouncements being said! lets jump in to a very interesting preview! With big wins and with a battle for the top spot on the league we saw a very intersting matchup this week! Did NOIG stay on top or did Iforgot stop the train and claim the number one spot in the league ? Here are the results!

Slayers Team vs Inglorious Army 6-10
Virtual Insanity vs Mordeczki Squad 16-0
Team Sevn vs Internet Gangsters 16-0
FOX Polish Clan vs Superieure Vlaamse Strijders 6-10
Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad vs IX - Arditi Incursori 10-6
Chicken's Farm Corporation vs I 7 Nani 14-2
Polish Army Squad vs Warriors of Redemption 6-10
Seriously Team vs Danish Dynamite 11-5
Portuguese Rangers vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad 13-3
Not Only Internet Gangsters vs I Forgot How to Play 10-6

Standings after week 5:


The next matches will be very interesting for several of teams! Will Iforgot be able to close the gap once again with NOIG? With 2 big wins for sVen and VI they did very good job in the standings!
VI having 54 points and NOIG keeping their first spot! Its promising to become a lot more interesting in the up coming weeks for these teams! These scores will give the next match ups for weeks 6 action on Springstreet!!

Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad
Internet Gangsters vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad
Virtual Insanity vs Team Sevn
Danish Dynamite vs Inglorious Army
Chicken's Farm Corporation vs I Forgot How to Play
Slayers Team vs FOX Polish Clan
Warriors of Redemption vs IX - Arditi Incursori
Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs I 7 Nani
Seriously Team vs Polish Army Squad
Mordeczki Squad vs Portuguese Rangers

Lets see what action this week may bring us !
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