Temp. Theme change bugs

xOSCx--GooNz-xOSCx--GooNz- Posts: 4Player
First off. I like the theme it looks great and i know its only temporary but there are issues that arise when you guys do this. When the party leader backs out trying to bring his friends with him its freezes everyone's screen so you must close app. The only way is to have everyone back out individually and send new invites. The same issue occured when you added the Halloween theme. Also as im sure you devs know all the scopes aren't working in different rooms. I'd say about 60% of the rooms are default scopes only. I hope a dev will address this. Thanks


  • CarlosHathcokCarlosHathcok Posts: 27Player
    edited November 2017
    I agree the theme is awesome but, it’s messing up the party system. It doesn’t help that parties still get split up all the time and now you can’t back out as a group.
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