I just started playing this game on PS4 for the first time.

JoeDogsJoeDogs Posts: 2Player
I have never before in my long gaming life met so many young children playing this game,. and they swear as adults like crazy!! ?
Is this game made for children??


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Is this game made for children??

  • ZolnierzZolnierz Posts: 2Player
    I'm 26 and I like this game too, it's not only for kids
  • McGruppertonMcGrupperton Posts: 20Player
    I started playing in the early/mid 2000s, just returned to try it out on the ps4.

    I have to mute the voice stuff more than half the time because
    -idiot has music on in background
    -idiot makes nonsensical noises
    -idiot has mic too loud
    -idiot talks for the sake of talking
    All while in battle

    Complete lack of situational awareness.
  • OneEyeTheHardOneEyeTheHard Posts: 63Player
    Yeah you should have seen it before they altered he team kill penalties. The game was almost unplayable outside of school hours. Best thing is to just mute anyone being annoying.
  • smellyfeet133tsmellyfeet133t Posts: 3Player
    I like turtles
  • McGruppertonMcGrupperton Posts: 20Player
  • DLD_MtBDLD_MtB Posts: 24Player
    Oh man gunning down teamkillers is actually something I kind of miss...

    But yeah, it's a free game that you don't need PS Plus for, what else can you expect.
    It's best to find a team to roll with that has what you want. Then start a party chat.
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