Mini map in custom maps

Is it possible to put a mini map in a custom map? Is it allowed?


  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 624Beta Tester
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    Unfortunately I don't think this is possible. I'm unsure why.

    It would be really helpful though...
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  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Well i didnt have much luck figuring out things before. but im really stubborn when im told what is possible and impossible.

    so im gonna waste a bunch of time trying to make anything that even resembles a mini map.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Seen as everything you use in your map has to be included within your map package, it's currently impossible to add you own mini-map.

    It's all about how the client stores/reads the various game files and packages. The only way I assume it could be possible would literally be having to send your minimap to the devs to include with the game so that everyone who plays your map gets it, but as I'm sure you can imagine that'd be a lot of micro management on their part.

    The only way custom minimaps will work is if devs change and allow their use (if it's even a possibility somehow) from within map packages.
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  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
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    Theres no way to over ride this using kismet and make your own minimap? As in completely make your own from scrap, and not use the one in game.

    ive done node based editing in advanced video and motion tracking softwares, never a game engine until now. so idk anything about it.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    I'm not friends with kismet, he's never liked me, refuses to do anything to help me and whenever I ask him to, he does it wrong. But.. Kismet would argue it's all me.
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    . . . Kismet would argue it's all me.

    it is :p
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  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    How is the original mini map put in the game?
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
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    I found something im going to try, if it works ill make a how to video and post it. But i think itll be mildly advanced.

    How do i switch the udk3 camera to parallel instead of perspective? i want to in order to take a screen of the map from above for the mini map.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
    There are four windows in UE3 Ed - Three Ortho...Top[ALT+G], Front[ALT+H], Side[ALT+J] and one 3D Perspective[ALT+F]


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  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    Does the game allow you to add your own HUD elements via kismet with flash and Gfx or by anchoring a camera to the player that hovers over a minimap elsewhere? i havent spent too much time on it, and im new to all this so its probably just me.

    I cant figure out how to get it to draw my minimap, im pretty sure its tracking my player and everything.
    Im new to this modern day game dev stuff. i imagine it takes a lot longer to learn than the time ive spent on it.
  • DELTATHUND3RDELTATHUND3R Posts: 126Moderator
    Off the top of my head it is possible.... just think outside the box Kamjam your on the right track...
  • [FOX]Kamjam21xx[FOX]Kamjam21xx Posts: 122Player
    at least its easier than learning to use synth eyes, and PF track with all the other compositing and 3D softwares. that took me years. Still im starting from scratch in this.
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