Two Bugs I've Encountered

Young_AntYoung_Ant Posts: 2Player
Just letting you know about a few things about myself before we get started

-Motivated NJROTC Cadet B) , PayGrade E-4 PO3
-Future Marsoc Marine
-Brother, Sister, Brother In Law, And Two Older Cousins That Were In The Army
-My Older Brother Is My Role Model
-Born To Kill (Full Metal Jacket)
-U.S.Army Family

Now That's Out Of The Way, I Want To Talk About Bugs.

One Of The Bugs That Have Been Bothering Me For A Long Time Since Mid August Is The Whole Game Freezes After You Get Killed When You Try To Leave The Game So Quickly, Basically Rage Quitting (What? Not Every One Keeps Their Cool When They Die Alot, Unless Your Having Fun. So, Don't Judge Me :( ). Most Of The Time, I Successfully Make It To The Menu But It Rarely Crashes, Unless I Do It Quickly Enough.

The Second Bug Is In The Picture. Im No Beta Tester, But When I Left It On The "Beta Tester" Skin, I Went Into A Game And Had The Skin On My M4A1. I Tried It With Other Guns Like The M24 With The "SnakeSkin" Camo (Not Unlocked) And The M16 With The "Urban Digital" Camo On (Which Is For Me The Hardest Skin To Get With The 20 Eagles Eyes. Heck, I Didn't Even Finish The M16 Expert Challenge, Im Up To 2 Eagle Eyes)

Those Are The Two Bugs I've Found, Hope You Fix These Problems (Especially With The First Bug >:) )

Ending This On A Side Note: I've Seen Your Post On Twitter Saying What Guns You Should Add To AAPG. So I Was Wondering If You Could Add The Glock 17 Pistol, Since It Is Used By Law Enforcement And The Military. Even If It's For The PC, I Would Love To See Some Gameplay For Any New Weapons. :) :) :)

U.S.Army Family
Brother & Sister Were In The Army
Future Marsoc Operator
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