TWL league Week 4 update!

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With week 3 being a hard one for TWL and teams. We skipped the week 3 preview. Now on going to week 4 ! We saw unknown win in OT vs Team sVen. I can give you the Week 4 results down below!

Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad vs I Forgot How to Play 2-14
FOX Polish Clan vs I 7 Nani 5-11
Portuguese Rangers vs Polish Army Squad 3-13
IX - Arditi Incursori vs Danish Dynamite 11-5
Unknown Team vs Team Sevn 8-8 OT 2-0
Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Virtual Insanity 10-6
Mordeczki Squad vs Warriors of Redemption 9-7
Inglorious Army vs Internet Gangsters 3-13
Slayers Team vs Seriously Team 5-11
Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad 13-3

With these results we will give you the following league updates. With Iforgot taking up place 2 and Not only internet gangsters keeping their top table place! Down below there are no huge changes going on but yet very interesting matchups coming up in week 5!! Here are the updated table!


The week 5 action will be on crossfire! these are the matchups for the upcoming week!

Polish Army Squad vs Warriors of Redemption
Unknown Team vs I 7 Nani
Seriously Team vs Danish Dynamite
Team Sevn vs Internet Gangsters
FOX Polish Clan vs Superieure Vlaamse Strijders
Slayers Team vs Inglorious Army
Virtual Insanity vs Mordeczki Squad
Portuguese Rangers vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad
Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad vs IX - Arditi Incursori
Not Only Internet Gangsters vs I Forgot How to Play

See you next week for an other update on the league!


  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Good job all teams.
    My team of top teams for this season does not really reflect the table. Most notably is PTrangers and LSTS not really showing any good results thus far. :-1:

    I hope we, Danish Dynamites can bounce back after our last result (played 4v5!) and finally reach a higher ranking. :D
    Eitherway, good luck to all teams
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