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Currently working on an urban VIP map, Boeing 747 on tarmac c4 map, and a Middle class american neighborhood map.






Boeing 747 Accuracy
  1. What style do you want the boeing 747 made7 votes
    1. Real world accuracy
    2. compromise accuracy for gameplay


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    This is not the place for clan / private server drama. Please contact them directly.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    My bad, was told to take it to the forums. Got it.
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    nice! Would also be interesting to see VIP on that 747 map
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    The 747 should go by really fast once im done with urban ultimatum. atleast thats what i think. a lot of repeating objects, versus most everything being unique. Might actually even unwrap and texture some parts since they'll be so repetitive.

    i'm just one guy with limited free time haha. Id love to work with other people with the same skill sets, and more.

    But the Middle class neighborhood im running into issues, im guessing with draw calls. I cant get it to look how i want with less draw calls. so that one is on hold, it will be last.

    The 747 will have a truck that drives up to the plane and gives you cover.

    I get a feeling that the idea for both have been yanked straight out of Rainbow Six Siege
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    idk ive never even played the new ones, i played them a little bit after raven shield.
    Ill have to look them up.

    Proud to be 2 days away from calling this v1.0, after what i believe is almost 2 months.
    It's almost done. I will be updating it to C4 and then possibly to extract, in order to find the best game mode that everyone has fun on.



    Still left:
    - singular brick 3d model
    -4 handrail 3d models
    -3 boundry building 3d models
    -4 512x512 textures
    -8 lod building 3d models
    -adding lod stairs
    -adding lod fences and walls
    -replacing temporary boundry with intended 3d model
    -add door 3d models

    I might periodically create small 3d models and add decals to really beef up the detail and make it more immersive. But my intention isnt to have something with no room for improvement. Just make a fun map for everyone to play on (:

    EDIT; Map started to take too long to load server side, its staying as is with very tiny updates. just to keep it playable.

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    the urban ops expansion for rainbow six roguespear had a similar Single player mission to the boeing one ill be making. That was way back in the AOL for online gaming days lol
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    I know this is really ugly, but i just started to actually get to work on it tonight.
    I dont know much about jumbo jets, so it requires a little research, im filling in some blanks.

    Side note: when you dont use a selection tag to mark the inside and outside of the hull, and its not thick enough.. i dont think i have a selection tool that discriminates by angles.. Dx

    Side note 2: i forgot i have a phong break selection tool.
    iNTERIOR.JPG 259.3K
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    Level design really does require photo research, etc., to get you pointed in the direction you want to go. A purely creative exercise (IE one in which you make up EVERYTHING) is possible, but you don't want huge dissonance with what the players know to be real (unless that's the goal.)

    I recently visited and filmed an outdoor area in Ontario, Canada for a map I'm messing with to create a real place from a friend's childhood memories of war games in a local ravine.

    For my map Hostile, which is admittedly still a work in progress, I researched equatorial middle eastern and African architecture and even sketched features of buidlings from Mogidishu for detail authenticity. My vision for that map isn't complete yet, but you can see some of the buildings creating a certain 'feel.'

    It's actually kind of fun!

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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    Oh i know, i could have made my last map in 3 weeks, but being a remake of a map from a game that was slaughtered for the "gambling" industry in japan, with a huge fallout between devs and dirt tricks to get people to quit the company.... the references were so hard to find for some things, and i made sure i got the scale right, and lined up a bunch of different angles. took forever.

    you cant download MGO2 anymore, you can only play it with a small group on an install thats a product of illegally cracking their encryption AND compression on the files from an old install pulled from a ps3 which i tried to crack and get into but i couldnt. i failed trying to write my own script to decompress the stuff.

    The game is a memory, from a AAA series. had to make something so it could live on. if anyone wants it for any game ill port it for them.

    id have to watch like 20 videos untill someone looked up at the right object to know what to model.
    Sorry haha i grew up playing Metal Gear Solid ever since i was little.

    The middle class neighborhood map will probably be my favorite to make. i use to work as a carpenter and concrete finisher, as well as doing custom work. so i know whats right. standard cookiecutter houses that everyone will recognize (AKA Tri levels) and really nothing to research or copy other than things i see in my town. so thats the coolest one to make personally.

    I didnt have fun making Urban Ultimatum lol.
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    This is a little better. i feel the compromise.

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    Adding doors now, probably shouldnt be guessing where the floor is, but hey im not getting paid to do this.

    The floor is a seperate model, dont feel like grabbin it.
    doorsjet.JPG 183.9K
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    Recovering from my crash, gettin there. Door open previews are on, great visual aids on the devs part. I was getting like 45-50fps for a while, so i lowered the poly counts on some stuff, but i guess i shouldnt have. because once i closed like 50 tabs in my browsers, my audio production software, photo editing software, 3d modeling softwares, and everything else. it hopped up to a constant 120...

    Not my smartest moment.

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    Well its about time i got use to these udk3 materials, i found fresnal. Fresnals are one of my favorite tools.

    What the heck do i use to make my own color grades? i found how to use the ones you guys made, is there like a stock texture that i grade the colors on and import? i love color grading, pretty good at it,

    here comes some collision, im not sure the limits on collision models. so im just making a bunch of boxes. Gotta say this is actually a pretty tricky and annoying model to make for a game. i dislike modeling interiors, and this cant exactly be modular parts. though it does have to be split up into alot of objects and instances.

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    Probably doesnt look like much, most of what ive been doing is adding collision. The main model is split up into like 30 pieces so i cant show collision all at once. as always, everything will still look different when its done.




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    Ugly collision. im disgusted with my collisions, but im use to rendering things with full per-poly collision with friction and bounce and everything and just letting it run all night. not instant gaming stuff.

    i know they cant be complex for the servers sake. i think 20-30 prisms seems to be safe.
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    Let me know when its ready to be tested I will add it to our umm server.
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    The work you do looks impressive, but I have a hard time seeing an airplane be a fun playable space. With all this talent I think you should be making maps similar to Favela or Crash. Playing either of those maps with your own twist on it would be time better spent imo.
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    Looking good, nice job.
    But like someone else said, using your talent to other style of maps maybe is a better idea.

    Over 1.1k Golden Hawkeyes.
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    i plan on having a cargo area with a door in the back, vents to crawl through from the landing gear, hatches between the two passenger areas to go up or maybe only down in, 2 main storys for passengers, a truck that drives up to the plan for the attacking teams cover, woods around it.

    I guess we will see how it works out. I do want to make a tanker map possibly, with 6 sided stations connected by bridges like 200' up. middle of the ocean. The middle class american neighborhood one i think i just had texel issues, not draw call issues. not sure.

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