AA:PG - Playstation 4 Update Changelog

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| AA:PG - Playstation 4 Update Changelog |
| 2018 |

Version 1.29
• Added ScarH, CZAlpha and M17.
• VIP Players now use MP7.
• AFA, Armed Forces Affiliation icons have been updated.

• Fixed an issue with metal surface penetration values.
• Added a dark backing to the server name on the scoreboard.
• Fixed an issues where a private lobby host would start a match, then cancel and clients would get stuck in a loading state.
• Spot/Lean keybind will now require a full key.
• Private Lobby UI will no longer indicate weapon achievement progress XP gains.

Version 1.28
• Texture issues.
• Fixes for some options in private lobby.

Version 1.27
• Private Lobby
• Clan Tags
• Player Leaning

• Local save data will now take priority over online data.
• Map Collision fixes.
• Fixed some game achievements with the RPG.

Version 1.26
• The RPG has been deployed on some maps.

• Fixed an issue with reloading the shotgun and sliding.
• Updated the round start timer position.
• Settings saving and loading fixes.
• Settings fixes will also help applying weapon skins.
• Grenades should now apply explosion decals to all walls.

Version 1.25
• Indicator on the UI for profile saving

• Training Mode no longer spawns player as VIP
• Fixed an issue with party splitting
• Warmup mode will now enable when all the players on a server belong to the same party
• Fixed an issue where new players could be selected as the VIP
• Minor camera fixes
• Fixed several issues with player profiles and settings (this fixes optics, camos, settings not saving)

Version 1.24
• New Map - Uptown
• Improved matchmaking using player rank.

• Saving player settings will now take seconds.
• Lots of minor map fixes.
• Spectating a player being taken down properly updates the camera to the next target.
• Fixed an issue in a weapon recoil causing a pop in location at the end of the applied recoil.
• Players will no longer receive multiple spotting scopes on training maps.
• Added more server logging pertaining to parties.

Version 1.23
• Added voice playback and transmit volume controls for PS4
• PS4 servers now have unique names
• Enemy weapon support added to the MySoldier menu
• Head and Voice customization options are now in the MySoldier menu

• Fix for grenades and flashes having no effect in cabinet area on Hydra
• Fix for steel beam penetration on Hydra
• Fix for penetration values on fountain on Hydra
• Change to the Hydra server room floor to have a more accurate footstep sound
• Added blocking volumes to the arcade cabinet in Hydra to block grenades from passing through
• Fixed minor collision issue on Hospital
• Fixed Hydra bulletproof glass to make it bulletproof
• Fixed visual bug on Intercept
• Fixed cabinet penetration issue on Hydra at OBJ site

• Fixed issue with Hydra only supporting 6v6 on PS4
• PS4 Ping values adjusted in matchmaking
• Halved the wait times while creating a match
• Fixed weapon optics not being properly unlocked
• Offline mode now properly works on PS4
• Scrolling through presets and key binding has been sped up
• MP7 no longer shows in MySoldier menu
• Fix for PS4 players able to use locked weapon skins
• Fix for changes in MySoldier menu not saving
• Fix for servers not showing the correct room for new parties to join
• Fix for party balance on round change

If a member of a party leaves during a game that party may be split up. Backing out to the main menu and re-joining a game will fix this.

Version 1.22
• Added voice playback and transmit volume controls.
• Added an enemy weapon list in the my soldier menu.
• Added server name info to the scoreboard.
• Updated matchmaking to prefer lower ping games. Search time will increase a bit, but players should find more games with preferable latency.

• Fixed an issue with weapon reloading.
• Fixed a rare crash for game servers.

| AA:PG - Playstation 4 Update Changelog |
| 2017 |
Version 1.21
• Added support for PS4™ Pro. On that platform, the framerate cap is raise from 30fps to 60fps.

Version 1.20
• Fixed Hydra only allowing 6v6 play.

Version 1.19
• NEW extract map: Hydra! More maps coming next year.
• More performance tweaks, which should result in better frame stability and slightly lower input latency in some cases.
• Better visual blending when sighting up with the M4 and M16.

• Fixed incorrect skin on the M9 magazine during reload.
• Fixed players becoming stuck in global chat under some circumstances.
• Fixed a bug that allowed players to sprint and cook a grenade simultaneously.
• Fixed access to unintended areas on Sandstorm.
• Fixed issue in Homestead where some objects would visibly cull out.
• Fixed UI issue in the My soldier menu.

Version 1.18
• Performing a one-time wipe of all Player settings to fix settings that were broken by update 1.17 (such as the fire button being rebound to drop your weapon)

Version 1.17
• Team balancing code should no longer split parties between teams. This may still happen when first joining a server, but should no longer happen in subsequent matches.

• Rendering and gameplay performance improvements. Frame rate should be steadier, especially in "Homestead".

• Get ready to rumble!

• Fixed getting stuck in global voice chat mode.

Version 1.16
• Fixed culling issue on Redline.

• Fixed crash when cancelling game join.

• Fixed multiple third-person weapon skin issues.

• Reworked friendly fire system.

• Fix for prone desynchronization that would result in player;s appearing prone when they weren't.

• Fix for being stuck aiming down the sights when quickly pressing L3 and then L2.

• Added mid-game host migration on P2P servers

* Know Issue: after migration, the match resets to round 0.

Version 1.15
• Reduced friendly fire tolerances.

• Shiny new weapon skins!

Version 1.14
• Fixed player desynchronization when getting shot during vault/mantle/climb.

• Fixed even more call-outs not playing!

• Fixed objectives becoming unreachable when player goes out-of-bounds. Objectives will now be placed at player's feet at boundary.

• Fixed controller customization setting not saving/loading properly.

• Spectators can now see the objective progress reticles.

Version 1.13
• Fixed player's sometimes rapidly changing teams when joining an in-progress match.

• Fixed gamma saving/loading.

• Fixed some call-outs not playing.

• Improved performance on settings menu.

* Known Issue: controller customization does not currently save. Fix coming soon!

Version 1.12
• Getting shot at should no longer suppress your frame rate.

Version 1.11
• Added ability to customize the controller layout.

• Players now leave their party when kicked from a game.

• Volume now smoothly blends to the value saved in the profile settings when they are loaded.

• Revived now better ensures safe revive positions.

• Fixed objective exploit.

• Fixed rare crash when the host cancels a server before the game has started.

• Fixed dedicated server memory leak, so servers should be more stable.

• Improved aim assist and tactical movement.

Version 1.10
• Fixed escalators not animating on P2P servers.

• Revived players now receive the current stun effects of the medic to approximate the amount of stun they should have received.

• Fixed 1-frame "pop" when bandaging, which could expose a player's position.

• Added option to turn off ear-ringing effect when stunned; when enabled, all in-game audio will drop in volume when stunned.

• Fixed End of Round music setting not saving and the VOIP Disable setting not loading properly.

• Added AA:PG "Development Babies" to credits.

• Removed End of Round background UI component that didn't scale properly.

• Achievement "toast" pop-up is now working again.

• New loading screen video.

• Fix for crash when no room data is available when attempting to join another player's session.

Version 1.09
• Fixed joining a game from homes screen resulting in dedicated server becoming unreachable.

• Fixed dedicated servers resetting when players are still on it.

• Fixed dedicated servers sometimes becoming unreachable when everyone leaves.

• Fixed dedicated servers registering with the back-end as "empty" between matches.

• Preventing party leaders from opening training map as that causes problems with party members.

• Fixed crash when trying to join a game from home screen.

• Fixed rare crash when joining a server from match matchmaking.

• Fixed timers not showing up on P2P servers.

• Fixed connections to our back-end not getting closed.

• Fixed players not getting removed from a session when they fail to join a server.

Version 1.08
• Kicked players will no longer attempt to rejoin their party in the server they were kicked from.

• VIP now spawns immediately.

• Fixed states where VIP round could fail to start.

• Overhead map now shows enemy fire locations in the same manner as the radar.

• Fixed being able to reserve slots on and then join a full server.

• Fixed parties being able to reserve slots on a server that didn't actually have enough space for them.

• Parties should now typically join servers that can support putting the entire party on the same team.

• Fixed dedicated servers becoming unfindable when the player that originally reserved the server left the game.

• Fixed full dedicated servers showing up in search results.

• Reduced matchmaking progress details that are being displayed.

• Burst fire now sounds better when there are only 2 rounds left.

• Fixed Woodland Camo not being usable in multiplayer.

Version 1.07
• Returning bodies to ragdoll after interrupted secure to prevent potential body falling through floor issues.

• Fixed ranks not displaying properly on party screen.

• Fixed crash on lobby screen when player data became corrupted.

• Fixed joining another player's session when they are on a dedicated server.

• Fixed crash when incomplete data is retrieved when attempting to join a players session or accept an invite (game will now display invite handling failure).

• Fixed multiple crashed due to attempting to recreate the party session too frequently.

• Fixed crash when joining server.

Version 1.06
• Fixed party members not joining the dedicated server the party leader joins.

• Fixed getting stuck in the third person spectator view when first joining a server.

Version 1.05
• Fixed party members being placed on opposite teams at the beginning of a match.

• Fixed enemy nameplate colors breaking.

• Empty dedicated servers should no longer appear in search results (most of the time).

• VIP Game will now go back to warm-up mode if the last players on the VIP team leaves.

• Fixed button images for PS4 tutorial level.

• Reducing matches to best of 11 rounds by default.

• Fixed party member's reservations disappearing when the party leader hosts a game.

Version 1.04
• Fixed background post process getting stuck turned on.

• VOIP talking labels should no longer show up in single player.

• Fixed sound exploit issue.

• Improved burst fire sounds.

• Improved party management on the server.

• Dev/Armed Forces icons should now appear on the scoreboard when you link your PSN account to your existing AA account.

• Fixed nameplate color issues.

• Fixed non-empty dedicated servers appearing in empty dedicated server search.

Version 1.03
• Various UI clean-up and improvements.

• Updated transition video and loading screen images.

• Reinstated "QoS" checks on dedicated servers.

• Fixed map rotation bug.

• P2P servers can now be hosted without having to forward port 8765. Note that your NAT type must be "Moderate" or "Open".

• Reservations now last through map changes. This "may" fix an issue where parties were not kept together on the same team.

• Fixed server browser appearing when failing to join dedicated server.

• Weapon handling tweaks.

• Matches no longer start as soon as two people are matched up.

Version 1.02
• Fixed several issues preventing players from joining matches.

• Fixed a crash that happened when the game would fail to save stats.

Version 1.01
• Fixed issue where logging out and back in to the system would break multiplayer.

• Fixed issue where Keyboard/Mouse prompts would appear.

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