How to change to and away from Global mic chat?

RothniHRothniH Posts: 2Player
This happened to me a few times. I don't know how to reliably do it, but I have found out that it is possible to switch over to the global mic channel. I tried looking this up but I couldn't find a guide. Is this an intentional feature or is it a bug?

I really like this. There have been times where the most interesting person to talk to in a match is on the other team. On the other hand, I've had some matches with people who are awful the entire match. Nothing but wannabe sailor swearing and personal insults every second they speak. It's like pollution. So I understand if this isn't something that the developers want to keep.


  • dacoster90dacoster90 Posts: 38Player
    I have seen it a few times as well (only happened to me once). I'm pretty sure it's a bug...
  • KirruKirru Posts: 49Player
    Definitely a bug. I found that if you pull up the options menu during the break between rounds- the next round you will be in global chat. I also found that the other team can hear you but you're not able to hear them.
  • KartiganKartigan Posts: 84Developer
    Thank you Kirru. We'll queue that one up to get fixed using the steps you provided.
  • KirruKirru Posts: 49Player
    @Kartigan aye! No problem. Just doing my part to try to keep this game alive!
    Been wanting a game likenthis for many years and COD and B1 and the like were not cutting it for me.
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