Weapon stat changes analyzed - unofficial in-depth changelog

Before you continue reading, please read these lines (to avoid misunderstandings):
  • The fact that I'm a Beta Tester has no effect on this post. What you'll see here is information "dug out" from the public game. I'll be comparing build 231254 to 212105 (the new public build to the old public build).
  • This will be a long post, but I'll make a "What this means in-game" summary at the end.
  • I'm using similar/the same tools as BCPull (a.k.a.: the writer of the "Weapon Mechanics in America's Army: Proving Grounds" Steam guide) did. BTW, read his guide, it's great and most of it is still accurate.
  • I checked the weapon stats, not the underlying formulas. However, I find it very unlikely that the formulas have changed. So if I find no difference in the stats, it's safe to assume the weapon behaves in the same manner as it used to before the update.

This post will have the following structure:
  1. Changes and some personal comments/analysis
  2. What this means in-game

I'll be writing dmg instead of damage, because I'm lazy.

Changes and comments:
  1. M16 changes:
    -Base dmg increased to 49 from 46, so for example now it deals 31 dmg to the upper torso (did 29 before) at close range.
    -The dmg drop stops ~2.5 meters (135 UU) later, so now it stops at 74.0 meters (3885 UU) instead of 71.4 (3750 UU) as it used to. This is a 3.5% increase.

    Comment: This means that the M16 now kill players who were revived in 1 upper body/arm hit up to 34 meters. In comparison the M4 and M249 always needs 2 body hits to kill against revived players. I don't think this is a game changer, but it gives the M16 a slight edge as the round progresses and more people are running around with 30 HP or less. I'm personally more confident using the M16 close range at the end of the round - which comes handy, if you are planning to take/defend an objective.
    It also means that beyond 74 meters the M16 kills in 6 upper body hits, instead of 7. (The M4 and M249 need 7 shots.) Between 59 and 67 meters the M16 needs only 5 shots, while the M4 needs 7 already.
    In my opinion overall these are small changes and won't make a massive difference, but they are useful in some very specific situations. This is good, as the M16 was already a decent weapon for it's role.

  2. M1911 changes:
    -Base dmg increased to 62 from 52, so now it deals 40 dmg to the upper body (did 33 before) at close range, of course this applies to all body parts.
    -The dmg drop stops 2 meters later, so now it stops at 34.0 meters instead of 32.0 as it used to. This is a 6.3% increase.
    -Sight up time was reduced to 0.3s from 0.35s.
    -Firing delay after sprinting was reduced to 0.35s from 0.45s.
    -The hipfire cone width was reduced to 0.020 from 0.022.

    Comment: This is a significant upgrade, especially because of the dmg increase. The weapon used to be a 4 body-hit kill, now 3 is enough. Close range (less than 12 meters) it deals 40 to the upper body, 34 to the lower body and 27 to the legs, so 3 lower body shots or an upper-lower-leg combo also drops the target. Up to 20 meters the weapon kills in 3 upper torso hits.
    Time-to-kill (upper body) used to be 0.45s and the M9 has 0.48s, so the M1911 had practically no benefit (except for long range 1 headshot potential, which is hard to do because of the slow muzzle speed...) over the M9, but had half the magazine and generally worse handling stats. Now time-to-kill to the upper body is 0.30s, in comparison the M4 has 0.257s. So now the M1911 has a noticeably faster time-to-kill compared to the M9, as long as you don't miss your shots.
    The sight up time and firing delay after sprinting reductions will help it to feel less clunky. Sight up time is still 0.3s compared to the M9's 0.22s, but the delay after sprinting is now the same. Hipfire accuracy was already good, so it is even better now, but not by too much I think.
    In my opinion these are really nice upgrades and will help the M1911 to be a real option instead of the M9. Before this update you could get it to work, but it had too many downsides for little benefit IMO.

  3. Shotgun changes:
    -The dmg drop stops 2 meters later, so now it stops at 26.0 meters instead of 24.0 as it used to. This is a 8.3% increase.
    -The dmg multiplier for long range was decreased to 0.33 from 0.35. This goes against making the weapon better at long range.

    Comment: These changes work againts each other, the dmg multiplier wins at very long range. It's hard to tell, if shotguns are better at range or not. Up to a certain point the new M870 is a bit better, but at 26 meters the new M870 needs 12 pellets to hit the upper body, and the old needs 10 to kill. So the dmg drops about 1-2 meters later, but at long range it drops further. I'm not a regular shotgun user, but I think you don't want to shoot beyond 20 meters anyway, so you only feel the positive part of it. Maybe, I'm not sure...
    The Supernova only got the bad part of the deal, so the damage starts to drop at the same distance, but drops further than it used to.

  4. Other changes:
    -Pistols no longer create suppression.
    -M249 suppression was increased to 0.35 from 0.175.

    Comment: Both of these changes restored the values to their former state. In the "Weapon Mechanics in America's Army: Proving Grounds" Steam guide the pistols are said to have 0 suppression and the M249 has 0.35. This makes the pistols a bit more stealthy, because if you shoot at someone and miss, they don't get suppressed, so they have less information about being targeted. But I doubt this would make a huge difference anywhere.

These are all the changed values I found. Of course something could have slipped under my nose, but I compared over 40 values per weapon and I checked all weapons (15 in total). (Before you think I did over 600 checks by hand, I'm not that crazy. I have my little tricks...) So no changes were made to the M16 recoil, sway or something like that you might hear in-game by players.

What these changes mean in-game (summary of the mess above):
  • The M16 now kills revived players in 1 upper body hit up to 34 meters. (About the distance from "West Stairs" top to Extraction on Inner Hospital.) The M16 kills in 1 less upper body shot at extreme range (more than "Dark Room" to "Garden").
  • The M1911 kills in 3 body hits up to 15-20 meters most of the time. It should also feel less sluggish.
  • The M870 is now a bit better below 25 meters, but worse above. The Supernova is now worse beyond about 15 meters, but not better closer.

P.S: I wonder how many of you will read the entire thing... If you did, thumbs up for you! :+1:
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    Thank you for the detailed write-up.
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    Thank you this is exactly what i wanted

    I expected some tweak for the nova
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    Great post, most guys will just ignore this, but i know multiple people that like to know information like this, and this information most of the time was not announced with all updates. So thanks for this information ;)
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