People joining UMM servers

Since the patch the other day , many people cannot join Usermade map servers . Does anyone know what the story is?
We have put a lot of time and effort into this and we continue to pay for servers that are basically useless at this point .
I just want to know is this going to be fixed or is it time to move on?


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    TheTots wrote: »
    There is an issue with user made maps where players will no longer auto-subscribe to missing maps.
    For now users will need to manually subscribe in the Steam workshop.
    The right of the people to keep and arm bears shall not be infringed.
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    Yes , thanks also it affects anyone who already has the maps (if the map gets updated)
    It may be a good idea if everyone temporarily refrains from updating their maps. because while this is happening no one can join a server if that server has a map that has been updated.
    Hopefully this will get fixed asap
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    I miss a link to all of Beer_Me maps.
    My original nick is -Ner0-
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    latest update.
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    Thanks, seen it before but couldn't find it now. ;)
    My original nick is -Ner0-
    It's now banned after the
    latest update.
  • We had the same issue on our server, I wasn't able to join the server, I just got kicked back to the main menu, but after subscribing to all the UMM maps on the server I was able to join without any issues.
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    Any news on the fix for this problem,??
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    If its not fixed then your best bet is to post the pages from steam on your website for the mean time. I would also however like to see a fix for this soon. I enjoy UMM and I know like others it can be a pain trying to find and subscribe to maps. Even more when they are maps that have dups.
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    Here is a full list of my maps on our server

    New Intercept



    New Downtown





    These are Muzza's maps on our server....

    comp checkout

    fishing village
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
    So 10 days since this last patch and still no fix for the UMM issue , I'm just saying seriously??
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,518Player
    Come on give them a bit of time 1 year or more =)
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,278Player
    A build with the (hopeful) fix for the UMM issue is going into testing today.
    I'll try to update with an ETA as soon as I can.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Ok , so if your just going to delete my post , then lets be sure we all understand , you say you are hopeful for a fix . well FYI it wasn't broken before your patch recently so if you expect me to believe this is some big mystery, then you really must think we are very stupid.
    At this point I really do not care that much , if you are fixing it then fix it. If this is a matter of money to have steam coordinate the interface then tell us so we can at least offer our players proper info. Yes our players remember all those people who helped you test this and gave you feedback for the last 3 years. In case you have'nt noticed , about 25% of your player base and possibly more are uesermade map players and map creators. You really should look into politics as your next career.
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    Keep stomping your feet. lol I think its working. You know man sometimes things just get bugged up. However when they do you can expect an instant fix. There was obviously an issue and no one is denying that. But incase you forgot that the Devs are not just here on 24/7 on this game and making the game the way you and what you say the way the public wants things to be. This game is the Army's. They will pick and choose how they want the game made. Just like a cook is just a cook there is a higher up that the cook must take orders from.

    So you really cant expect that something is going to happen when you stomp your feet and come in with muddy shows leaving your dirt and mud all over the place. I mean really! Maybe rethink how you want to talk to others if your intending on being offensive. I understand your frustration. I also enjoy UMM and I am thrilled that we are going to be testing what is hopefully a fix so that everyone is a little bit more happy and has a little less to complain about lol.

    Thanks Tots and anyone else the puts effort and time into this game. So that we may enjoy this wonderful game that the ARMY has given us access to. Even though we all have busy jobs that require us to cook more then 1 Pizza at a time. Hooah!
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    Hope the fix will be released soon we need it
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    Look I didn't come here to argue with anyone. But for the record it is now 13 days since the problem began and I never spoke a word until day 10. That's hardly asking for an instant fix.
    The UGC is broken and people are paying money to have these servers that are now rendered unusable to most people who do not understand how to go around the UGC.
    I don't think its unreasonable to expect it to be fixed in a reasonable time frame , its not as complicated as you make it sound (Gorilla).
    Like I said I'm not here to argue but I'm not here to kiss anyones back side either
    Although I understand there are priorities , I also understand that a large percentage of players are using UMM's and I surely do not understand why it is not a priority.
    All I asked is that we have a reasonable explanation to provide our players so we do not suffer a loss of more players to a game that is already losing players in droves.
    The statement that was posted is not very reassuring to the masses
    Tots statement :

    "A build with the (hopeful) fix for the UMM issue is going into testing today.
    I'll try to update with an ETA as soon as I can. "

    The patch that came on 9/21/17 did not have any fixes that had anything to do with the UGC.
    And that makes it very hard for people to understand why this happened .
    As for the game belonging to the Devs and they can do as they see fit, well let me remind you that this is a government program and is paid for by our tax dollars so we have every right to expect results.
    As for the cook scenario you raised. , If you get food served in a restaurant and its not prepared to your liking then you certainly have a right to ask for it to be fixed.
    The point I'm trying to make is simple , a lot of people put a lot of time and thought into UMM's and we feel neglected that's all !

    PS: By all means lets celebrate the testing of a " possible fix" . for something that wasn't broken to begin with !
    I will admit , I do like Pizza !
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    Ya, Roach...I want it fixed too, but go on down to your local police station that you kit out with your tax dollars and tell them where to spend it. I mean...come on. We had that argument 14 years ago on the old forum...

    You're starting to sound even older and grumpier than me! :p

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • (Beer_Me)Roach(Beer_Me)Roach Posts: 249Player
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    Like I said I'm not here to argue. Fix it or Don't fix it, it won't change my life either way.
    This discussion was not about how to build the game or how to spend money ,Just Please stop breaking the game especially for a patch that had 2 new maps , both of which we already had for sometime now.
    The point was that people are getiing very discouraged and we are losing players rapidly.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    I for one would rather not have to go threw stream so lets hope the fix comes out soon :D
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