Game Update Notes (21 SEP 2017)



  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Insurgent Camp is by far the best map in the current map pool. Here are my reasons:

    -Nice and slick look:
    The way the map is made creates a nice a clear visual perspective for players, there isn't a ton of bushes, boxes and other bits and pieces that would be able to confuse players (new players too) what is friendly, foe or just surroundings. Futhermore there is a nice balance between using nightvision versus not using it, that gives you both advantages and dissavantages in both uses. GREAT JOB!

    -Defense vs Assault:
    The map offers great strategic diversity for both sides. You may think that defense just has to peak windows and keep the assault far from the windows, whilst making sure you have your flanks covered. But the maps gives you the possibility on both sides to play either passive or aggressive. Smokes will become one of the most powerful utilies on this map, if teams can learn to coordinate and places the smokes at strategic points.

    Understanding that defense has to defend both objectives, while assault can decide which one to focus on is what titles such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike have been so popular. This map offers exactly that, which will guarantee great team play and exicting rotations.

    -Weapon diversity:
    The size of the maps offers for both long-range and close quarter battles (CQB), which means that having the sniper might be great if the opponents stand back, but because very difficult if the op fors are up in your face. Vice versa is also true. I see strats where changing between 2xDM x1 Sniper x1 Rifleman -> 5x rifleman might occur more often than not.

    -The South side
    The south side of the map (right side of assault spawn, left of defense spawn) is the part of the map that is a bit of a no-mans land. I hope to be able to see a 5v5 match, where this part of the map becomes a combat zone and how it plays out. I am slighty concerned about the outskirts part of the map which has big stones to get in cover in. I believe that this part of the map should be assault favoured, where as right now I believe defense has a slight edge on it.

    -The doors
    I was so happy to see the doors, alas, the "cracked doors" do not create a way to leave to door open, forcing the opponents to close it before opening it. (just like the old days). Because that was a way for defenders to get heads up, on where and when an enemy would enter a part of the building. Let's see how it pans out. But on the plus side, the noice of the doors are just on point! good job soundguy.

    Competitive play:
    If anybody would like to try to get a scrim going on that map, hit me up on steam: philippovich and we could try to set something up. The size of the map is perfect for a 5v5. <3
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