PS4 buggs

MoPar496MoPar496 Posts: 13Player
I searched and didn't come up with a prior place to report bugs/issues specifically for the PlayStation 4.

I (and the guys I play with) have found that if our PlayStations is left in sleep mode, then woken up to play AAPG, the game has some connection issues and drops that player out of the party often.
We have found that restarting the PS4 then reloading the AAPG game cures the party drop issue.
At least for us.
We all live in different states and different internet providers with varying speed upld/dl packages (or plans).

so if you leave you PS in rest mode to dl updates and what-not, hit restart before you play this game.


  • Either close app and restart or go into your network and test connectin (just so it goes through the process of connecting again, fully)
  • ninethreeninethree Posts: 1Player
    I tried the game on PS4 for the first time today. At first it worked great, then I took a quick break without closing the game or shutting down the PS4. When I tried joining another match I kept getting kicked because authentication failed. As suggested above I tried testing the connection in the PS4 settings and it seemed to fix the problem.
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