Do people actually get banned for cheats?

So, do they really ban people for cheats? I mean if you have a video, will they get banned or is it a waste of time? There seam to be about 15-30% of people playing that are using various cheats at this point. It's a really fun game when everyone is actually playing. When a few people are slaughtering everyone , not so much.


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    If you really believe your own numbers you should probably focus some more on your own gameplay. No offense but you've got 25 hours of playtime, there's no way for you to know what's possible and what isn't. Find a nice group of people teaching you a thing or two or just look around for some videos on youtube. Even montages can be helpful to get an idea of what a good player can archive.
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    I have just seen you ingame ragnor and you should just ignore the accusing. Daily practise all based on nothing.

    The stacking and slaughter is just something that happens when people have no honor.

    I don't know about those crazy numbers of yours but all no recoilers i reported get banned quick enough.
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    Yes, cheaters get banned. Of course it might take some time to collect evidence, but with enough evidence the cheater gets banned.
    But 15-30% of the players are cheaters? Come on, man... Unless something dramatically changed since I last played (it was 2 days ago) your numbers are waaaaay off. I can't remember the last time when I saw an obvious cheater.
    I understand that it is frustrating to get killed over and over again by the same guy, but he most likely just has more hours in the game. And the potential gap between someone with 30 played hours and 3000 played hours is massive - map knowledge, weapon handling, etc...
    Theory and reality are not that different. In theory.
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    Keep in mind that this game has been out for 15 years now. The game functions has not changed much and there are a bunch of loyal players that knows all the tricks. I would agree that your numbers are incorrect. Also that you should focus more on becoming a better player and learning form vet players that you think are hacking because they might have a KD that is much better then Most players in the game. Also look at your pc. I know that my old PC could not handle this game and I was lucky if I got 2 kills. If your PC is up to date then nothing to worry about. You will catch on and learn to play the game and adopt some in game skills and knowledge over time. Also keep in mind ever game has to have a loosing side. Some times the team that your stacked or not stacked with will make your game more favorable. And some games you just get lucky and some you can't hit [TOS Violation]. This is normal. Your playstyle will make all the difference on weather you can adapt or not. But yes of coarse they do ban players from this game if they are cheating. If you caught someone then I would post it on say youtube and then set it to private. Then when you send in the report to you can send the link too.
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    [...] post it on say youtube and then set it to private.

    Little correction here as it's a common mistake. "Unlisted" is the option you were referring to, "private" means that only you can watch it.
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