Team players with mics

Come_Get_Some513Come_Get_Some513 Posts: 4Player
Looking for players who wanna use team work. No little kids! Send me a message psn is Come-Get-Some513


  • MoPar496MoPar496 Posts: 13Player
    Ya, party chat has pretty much ruined using game mic's in any game lately. open mic's have forced my clan to exclusively use party chat to communicate with any kind of effectiveness, due to ( we all know already) disrespectful kids, loud background noise/music or something that isn't always someone's fault like a bad mic, etc,etc, . I hope that we can get back into games using the " in game mic" systems in the future. after all that is how we all met and how some strong gamming bonds are/were formed. So good luck buddy, I hope you get a million requests and that my views are just narrow and jaded.
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