New maps / Being able to select team

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These are 2 things I'm hoping for in the next update,. Being able to choose teams would allow 4v4 clan battles on ps4. What do you all think?
Next update request
  1. Next update wishes for ps49 votes
    1. New maps
    2. Ability to choose sides during match


  • Jamie_UK__Jamie_UK__ Posts: 23Player
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    I reckon the party system will be worked on alongside new maps, but I voted maps selfishly as I'm not really teaming up with others right now.
  • -Bruiser^-Bruiser^ Posts: 10Player
    Definitely support the ability for competitive game play.
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I'd much rather have competitive play than new maps right now. Not entirely sure what you mean by "choosing teams" would allow for clan matches if only public lobbies are available right now. I would like to see the addition of private matches being an option with the ability to create a set playlist and for the host to be capable of adjusting specific settings such as round time, revive off (down is down, no pickups), aim assist on/off and bomb plant/defusal time.

    If this were to happen I honestly believe the game would be extremely popular on the gamebattles ladders. Plus there are still a TON of PS4 players who are unaware this game exist on their console. If it the game took off on gamebattles it would basically be free marketing for the devs.
  • MoPar496MoPar496 Posts: 13Player
    I would just be happy if parties wouldn't get spit at this point.
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