How's this for a nade :)

Frankie_DibbleFrankie_Dibble Posts: 25Player
It never pays to all bunch up
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  • KirruKirru Posts: 49Player
    Done that before in the same map. Makes for an very pissed off other side haha
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
    That's amazing!!!!!! :+1:

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  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    lol, its fun when your on the dealing side :D
  • Root-AccessRoot-Access Posts: 510Player
    It happens all the time on that map. It is funny, no matter the team it happens to. xD

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  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • NaZtYRiCaNNaZtYRiCaN Posts: 16Player
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Haha! Nice! to think.. people used to often wonder why I never went West.
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  • Frankie_DibbleFrankie_Dibble Posts: 25Player
    It did make me chuckle :)
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  • MoPar496MoPar496 Posts: 13Player
    I would be so mad for at least six to ten seconds. THEN lol. I suppose that playing tactfully means not bunching up in a hallway, would be the lesson from that round.
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