Problems with no oficial Maps

I want to make a suggestion for the Proving Ground issue of friends to make a suggestion to include maps from previous versions of America 's Army 2.5, and America 's Army 3 as officers in the Proving Ground, because we are having a hard time access maps making visitors give up waiting and evading the server , usually the maps are giving bug in the map exchange . Thanks!


  • We run 3 servers that exclusively run the User Made Maps from AA3 and AA2. Here are some tricks to making the server run well with these maps:

    Create a Server Map Collection on the Steam workshop. This allows people that come into your server often to subscribe to the maps you run all in one shot.

    Build a local shader upk cache file. Load up your server, and load each map, using the server manager to switch between them. Once each map has been loaded, and the shaders have been built, exit out of the server using CTLR+C. This will write out the local shader cache file to aapg/aagame/cookedpc. Every time you restart the server, the server will load up the shader file cache, and you will never have to build it again. This saves LOTS of time between map changes!

    Leave your server running. Once a map gets loaded, it stays in the cache. Meaning that when you switch the server to that map for the second time, it loads very quickly. We run maps that are over 150mbs in size, and they load in 5-10 seconds the second time around.

    If you have to restart your server, cycle through the maps, or all the big ones. This preload of the map will make sure the server runs good.

    And finally, if possible, use fast storage devices to storage the maps. We host 2 of servers in the Azure cloud, and use a symbolic link on each to a drive on a fast storage device that holds our maps. We can do this because we have OS level access to the server, which most game hosting companies don't allow.

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