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EaZy-YoU-rAgEEaZy-YoU-rAgE Posts: 21Player
I love this game, always been a fan of America's Army. Suprised this game is free, I'd pay 60 bucks on this before any other shooter game on the market
With that said , you guys need to consider there's a possibility for this game to garner alot of attention if there was competitive gaming added , even if you decided to one day charge us to play it would be nice to add clans and at least a clan lobby
The feel for this game is exactly wat you want for real skilled competition. This game blows call of duty away , it requires tactical teamwork and you have to be smart with your timing on every movement. The community is overwhelmingly asking for you to add this after the game is stable not 1 year from now but asap. Screw new maps, respwans new weapons or even private lobbies. We want competitive gaming for clan matches and our stats are obviously being counted so a leaderboard as well. All the other things should come after those things are added. Thanks for another great America's Army game on console


  • EaZy-YoU-rAgEEaZy-YoU-rAgE Posts: 21Player
    Also would like team deatmatch option as well, but clans should be next on the agenda. Right now there is a large community I'm sure you didn't expect to see, if you want to keep us around when call of duty drops WW2 better get to work asap because it's the most complained about thing on the game , playing scrub random players with my party can only be fun for so long lol
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    I don't believe the devs have any current plans to add lobby system or competitive matchmaking. Clan tags may be added. I read somewhere one of the devs wrote they may add clan tags to the game but that's pretty much it for clan support at the moment.

    I think the only hope for a competitive experience on this game, at this moment anyway, is to add an option to host private games. With that option added to the game it will allow for gamebattles matches. GB matches are a great way to play competitively and to have your team ranked amongst others.
  • EaZy-YoU-rAgEEaZy-YoU-rAgE Posts: 21Player
    No during their podcast the devs said they would add those features if they got a big enough response of ppl wanting them added as well as adding leaderboards. That's why I wrote the post because there's a demand for clan matches and the more ppl ask the more their inclined to do so
    It's up to the community to ask for wat they want
  • Pain-N-PanicPain-N-Panic Posts: 79Player
    Link to podcast?
  • EaZy-YoU-rAgEEaZy-YoU-rAgE Posts: 21Player
    It's all on their Twitter feed, it's the podcast they did when the game was officially released. Might be hard to find it you have to scroll down the Twitter feed but yea basically just keep voicing your opinion and tell others to do the same because this game might be free but they do a great job communicating with the community
  • LORD_BIOLORD_BIO Posts: 3Player
    Anyone else running into rooms where everyone is using the M14EBR as a shotgun? Kinda getting annoyed with people just unloading with that gun like a shotgun and not having no recoil behind it. I still kill people that use it like that but it's a matter of time before it gets really bad.
  • Medic4youMedic4you Posts: 30Player
    Competitive would be good but only if da issues can get fixed shadows leek through walls aim is magnetic at times severs r a mess at times anti alisting is broke ranked play comp would b great after the game works right
  • SHANE523SHANE523 Posts: 69Player
    The shooting in the back at the beginning of the round needs to be addressed ASAP! This is getting ridiculous!
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