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  • [G]old{F}^MaticICE[G]old{F}^MaticICE Posts: 16Player
    I really like this optin 4 sound much better but still there are some issues I have experienced.

    - If I fire automatic fire mode I don't hear last ammo shot like when I in single fire mode.
    - The M16 sounds good but other weapons not so much.
    - The tactical movement and non-tactical movement have same volume for the player, even though the other standing close hear them differently.
    - I also found that there is a delay when I press VOIP and the when it shows on the screen.

    And also I found a bug on coldfront map on the bridge
    -Coldfront extraction - I cannot use supported position on the bridge.
    -Coldfront bomb - I can use supported position but I get stuck at both ends just before the point where the bridge collapses.

  • CaterPCaterP Posts: 190Developer
    Thanks for all the feedback folks. It is all read and appreciated.
  • SOPMODSOPMOD Posts: 230Player
    I don't think anybody has mentioned this before but it bothers me...

    At the end of a shot, the M14 has a weird sound like a car turbo or a sci fi laser gun or something like that.

    Is it supposed to sound that way? It's pretty weird.
  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
    One more minor bug -- I think the last target on the M16 shoothouse is behind glass or something now and can't be hit.
  • Sick_DuckerSick_Ducker Posts: 43Player
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    My Feedback on Opt in -test 4 ... is a big whopping 0 out of 10. It took me 9 hours to download, and every free moment i could find to play over the weekend there was not even enough players to fill a quarter or half of the server, so everytime i had time to play, and test the opt-in i ended up backing up the opt-in, and re-installing the open beta.. Sorry I don't buy the steam summer excuse as there were several OPEN BETA servers running with FULL server numbers - the only logical explanation would be poor administrative execution, lack of notice, and lack of making community aware.. You need a content management system that can pop up a notice in the open beta for the other players regarding opt-in, make them click a little ok dialog box to make sure they actually read that there is an opt in, because somehow blindly giving notice 2 days before the opt-in just gives you a great pre-excuse as to bad turn out, theres been an extremely bad turn out @ every opt in except the 1st one, and even that was mediocre.. nice try though, you can't fool a fool.

    Edit: again my 0 out of 10 reflects the execution of this weekends opt-in, frustrating to spend 9 hours downloading it, to finally finish, and have to instantly back up and re-install the opt in to find a server with any players in it, then the next day the exact same thing? i didn't even get past the server list in the opt in..

    I will however take and back up shhfiftyfive's opinion - his analytical approach to pinpointing the biggest game breaking issues in the game is phenomenal - it's just too bad none of those great ideas were experimented with in the open beta! I thought open beta was a time to try new things? no matter how silly the idea? all open beta seemed to me was try all the silly idea's and neglect the biggest issues that have the biggest impact on daily gameplay...

    Side note - it may be a good idea to promote 3rd party fanbased websites @ this point, this really seemed to have a great impact on increasing playerbase in AA1 and 2, but since I know this will never happen, and any other possible ways of vamping up playerbase, im just wasting my breathe though. As a person dedicated to this game title since late 2001 - early 2002, and a person thats invested thousands of hours of play time, between the titles.. There use to be a time (pre-aa3) where the development team actually cared about the project they were working on, and the growth of playerbase - as well as the players collective input was actually discussed or tried, sitreps, etc. 3rd party fanbase website communities to hype up the game.. ever since AA wanted total control, and got rid of the dev team mid AA3 development and brought in a new dev team to take over a project they had little understanding of this game title has been in a belly up position..
    oh and btw the new forums are a great way to get rid of all the negative press, and feedback that was ignored through out the length of the open beta- to close it down pre- final release just shows the damage control in over-drive, all the never tried ideas - and concepts put forth by many veteran/experienced FPS players completely neglected - I will not forget - even though everyone else does, my mind remembers..
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    You see the particular pixels at the edge and they dance very fast like John Travolta
  • ddra-ddra- Posts: 455Player
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    Quite honestly, I could live with how the M16, m9, 1911, m24, saw, m14 sound. The problem lies with the most commonly, default selected weapon, the M4. The weapon sound like a full auto potato shooter(thud-thud-thud-thud-thud). Fix THAT gun and much of the gun sounds complaints will come to an end.

    The shotgun, although less popular, sound like a mid-century cannon being fired. I feel like a one-eyed pirate named Jack when I shoot that thing. The "boom" sound continues for way too long.

    Still not a fan of the UI but it has improved. Things are progressing and that makes me happy,
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  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
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    Did anyone else have a problem with grenade throws in which the arm animation throws forward before the grenade comes arcing away from....nowhere? (IE grenade throw lag)

    I even had this on a LAN with a ping of 4ms.

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  • -PPaaxx--PPaaxx- Posts: 1,576Player
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    Can't blame download time or lack of players on the game...? It took me 15 minutes to download.
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  • Sick_DuckerSick_Ducker Posts: 43Player
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    -Ner0- wrote: »
    Can't blame download time or lack of players on the game...? It took me 15 minutes to download.
    alright! my bad!, sorry! it took me over 36 times as long as you to download - and i tried joining servers on what should be close to "peak" EST time which covers a couple of different time zones as well (most of america) so between my schedule - the 9+ hour download, the one time i came on to play during "peak hours" and there still wasn't a full enough server for me to play in, how am i expected to experience the games dynamic with 4 or 5 other players? My mistake - I was completely wrong in my earlier statement! I mean, I should totally be able to get a full feel of how the game plays with a ton of empty opt-in servers, and 10+ completely full open beta servers - again sorry for me deflecting the blame.. clearly if open beta has 10+ full servers the opt-in which is the preview of the final release should have 0 activity with a bunch of empty opt-in servers - because clearly in your point of view thats the successful way of judging things

    Clearly I am so incorrect regarding my experience in finding an entire list of empty opt-in servers, to re-install the open-beta to find 10+ full servers - i mean clearly my statement was falsely blaming the lack of players in the opt-in for the reasoning as to my in-ability to try the opt-in... I mean I only tried twice to find a server with any players in it, once during peak american hours, and once at 11.30PM est (which is still normally busy in open beta) on a weekend - Again my apologies - because 2 days notice before an opt-in, and no promotion or effective strategies implemented to pump or hype up their opt-in which is the framework for their "final product" is totally my fault, it couldn't possibly be any other way

    DoGo+ wrote: »
    You see the particular pixels at the edge and they dance very fast like John Travolta
  • -PPaaxx--PPaaxx- Posts: 1,576Player

    the opt-in which is the preview of the final release should have 0 activity with a bunch of empty opt-in servers - because clearly in your point of view thats the successful way of judging things
    Why do you think that?
    My original nick is -Ner0-
    It's now banned after the
    latest update.
  • Yato^Yato^ Posts: 103Player
    It's my humble opinion, but this kind of movement/sniping mechanics is strange.
    Not to cry too much, i know many like it ... just to illustrate my previous point with some footage.

    I know what you mean but what I'm saying is that it isn't a sniping mechanic at all, it's player movement and you have it with every single weapon.
  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    ^^^ exactly and you can't go starting to restrict player movements.. that be the death of us
    #Support Comp Mode

  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    What really grinds my gears tho... lean+shoot within 0,05seconds. Come on! Seriously? :D
    ... and then there's the crouch/stand/strafe Matrix parody going on. Am i alone on this?

    You gotta be kidding me that is pretty much the most difficult thing to do and the reason your complaining I bet is because you can't seem to do it as well as others.

    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

  • Root-AccessRoot-Access Posts: 510Player
    Yea, please don't alter the leaning or movements. :|

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  • -=LOKI=-wasabisamurai-=LOKI=-wasabisamurai Posts: 1Player
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    Hi worst think in OPT in since the first version is the tactical mode.
    The sound when you are in tactical mode is not reduced and i always have to check if i´m in the tactical mode.
    There is no different betwen normal mode and tactical. Hope you can fix this issu.
    Thats my worst bug in the OPT IN.

    Greats from Germany
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