AAGame.exe has stopped responding

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Every 30 minutes or so my game crashes with the "aagame has stopped responding error"
It's basically random and I have literally tried everything I can think of.
I tried my graphics drivers, fresh installed using DDU, rolled back using DDU.
I even did a complete windows format and fresh installed, i dont know what else to do.
Im moderately sure that it may be the 1703 windows update that is causing the issue but i cant exactly not install this update since even creating new install media with the win 10 tool installs this update by default.
Im looking for help from the devs or anyone who can read my game dumps or logs and possibly tell me what the heck is causing this issue.
I'm about to clean install using an older torrented version of windows and see if that helps with my issue but im literally at my wits end here.
Ive also done all the hardware tests, CPU burn in GPU burn in, unity bench, furmark, and memtest 86. All of which returned 0 errors or crashes, with or without overclocking applied.
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