Auto death upon teamkill?

SuadeSuade Posts: 11Player
I understand Friendly Fire is not tolerated but the system in place is very severe.

What about accidental TK?

What about a troll or a teammate who doesn't listen and walks into grenades after they're clearly called out?

There should be a better way to implement this.


  • xWardawgxWardawg Posts: 15Player
    I think that is only at the beginning of the round.
    Please lighten up on the Aim Assist!!!
  • SuadeSuade Posts: 11Player
    I think that is only at the beginning of the round.

    Can't remember but it was in the big map with trains while trying to push up a stair case. So if you spawn close to that than maybe.

    If so then I'm wrong and that may be the best way to do it.

  • RiverbaseRiverbase Posts: 2Player
    Personally I think it should be more severe. I'd love to see team damage such as frags, flash bangs, blue on blue fire, result in a negative score penalty. This would show on the score board and it would effect your rank as well. Right now the rank is a given, just play and get points so anyone can max out. If there were penalties for FF then it would help discourage it.
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