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WeightliftingWWLWeightliftingWWL Posts: 8Player
Hi folks,

So, let me start by saying great job on the game! I played AA back in the day then switched to PS4 and I can't believe it's finally available to console. Let's just say, this will be my competitive game for the coming months (maybe years!)

However, there are a few things which I think could be looked at for future patches:

1) Frame issues - Sometimes it's pretty bad that I can hardly aim and shoot.

2) Finding a server - Takes a long-time to get into a game. It seems to find a server, disconnect, find another one and it continues to do this for another 10/15 minutes

3) Balancing issues - Played a few games now in which sometimes the teams can be terribly unbalanced and the server does not try to re-balance the teams

Other than that, I don't really have much more to stay. It's great, but a few frame and balancing issues.



  • [Dev]Rawrster[Dev]Rawrster Posts: 329Developer
    Thanks for the feedback!

    1) Are your frame issues on a specific map? Are you hosting a p2p server with this occurs by chance?

    3) Team balancing, in terms of player skill, currently happens at the beginning of every MATCH. Please feel free to provide feedback on how you feel this system is working over all. Getting stomped from time to time is bound to happen, but hopefully you get more good matches than bad. This system should also become more accurate as time goes on.
  • WeightliftingWWLWeightliftingWWL Posts: 8Player
    The frame rate drops are generally on all maps but its honestly pretty 'severe' on homestead. I realise the frames are going to drop, but sometimes they drop to a point in which I feel my PS4 is about to crash and freeze up. (I am not hosting a p2p server when this happens - just playing normally in a public server).
  • cloudcloud Posts: 6Player
    I played my first few games last night. Can't remember the map name, but it was like a broke down mall? First thing I noticed were frame drops as well. Bit surprised as I read somewhere here it runs on 30 frames. When I play some more I'll try to see how the game behaves on different maps. Was impressed with the potential this game has for console though!

    I play on a PS4 Pro and I think Boost mode was off. There's no Pro support as of yet right? I'll check l if Boost mode makes any difference when I play again.

  • NooblessNoobless Posts: 1Player
    edited July 2017
    So far I have spent about 2 hours trying to join a game with no joy I get to lobby joined! Waiting for players : 10 then it disconnects and starts all over again or it keeps trying to join full servers over and over
    Edit: now I join game I get cannot authenticate :145
  • xWardawgxWardawg Posts: 15Player
    Homestead, (the jungle map I think) The barn over by the river. There is always a frame drop on the outside steps going up and coming out of the basement and going around to the steps. Might be something in that area. Sometimes that area of the jungle gets a little laggy as well.

    I agree with OP. Games don't balance or fill up as they did before 7/20.

    When you say "in terms of player skill" in regards to balancing. What does that go off of. Rank, stats, play style?

    Keep up the good work.
    Please lighten up on the Aim Assist!!!
  • xWardawgxWardawg Posts: 15Player
    edit - will the game always be p2p? Or will we get dedicated servers at some point?
    Please lighten up on the Aim Assist!!!
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    xWardawg wrote: »
    edit - will the game always be p2p? Or will we get dedicated servers at some point?

    Everyone has been running off of dedicated servers for a while now
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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