TWL - Portuguese Rangers versus Czuczuken Squad Poland

C.C.B.C.C.B. Posts: 223Player
Today's match is between the Portuguese Rangers and Czuczuken Squad Poland.
The teams will play on Intercept (EX), and this will be without a doubt an aggressive match-up.

Czuczuken Squad Poland (^CSP^) is the home team and have the server choice, and have chosen their own server. Since their server is located in Poland, it should give them an advantage. With the side choice remaining to team Portuguese Rangers (-pR|), I wonder if they will play it safe and pick defense, or feel confident enough to start out on assault.

Good luck to both teams, and have fun.

The match will start at 4 PM ET / 10 PM CEST.

Watch it live on Twitch at, looking forward to seeing you there!
If you can not make the cast today, it will be uploaded.

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The current standings for the Open League:



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