TWL - I forgot how to play versus Team SeVn

C.C.B.C.C.B. Posts: 223Player
Week 5 Spring street EX

I forgot how to play versus Team SeVn starting soon
Come and watch


  • C.C.B.C.C.B. Posts: 223Player
    edited June 2017
    If you have missed it you can watch it back on Twitch or YouTube



    Thank you to the teams for playing

    I forgot how to play 6 - 10 Team SeVn
    I forgot how to play were missing a player and tried their best with 4, but Team SeVn proved to be too much having that extra player
    Congratulations to Team SeVn, nice try by I forgot how to play

  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Who are the players on I.Forgot? Well I mean their "old" names?'

    Nice cast, and Lucifero a player to look out for I see!
  • iDK.ArkeiroiDK.Arkeiro Posts: 775Player
    Necabo, bart, alexx, turkish. those were the four playing I think.

    Over 2k Golden Hawkeyes.
  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    Thanks mister Arkeiro
  • -v3.Bart!-v3.Bart! Posts: 125Player
    Indeed, necabo was iforgot.whyhellothere, alexx was iForgot.butmaybenot, I am iForgot.Cpt.Eindbaas, and warm=turkishprince.
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