iNvaders +1 Trip: Kranow's Wedding in Baton Rouge

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Let me start off by saying that never in a thousand years would I have imagined making such great friendships over a video game. Last year, members of iNvaders got together to celebrate a truly spectacular Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the respectable Ryan Grrr.iNv in beautiful Maryland. This year Roger "Rokis.iNv", Matt "ekComm.iog", and me, joined Kranow.iNv for his wedding day in the Daiquiri capital of the USA, Baton Rouge.

Did you know you can buy a triple shot, 44oz Daiquiri drink, off a drive-thru shop for only $8?! You can in Baton Rouge. We also had the great fortune of visiting New Orleans for a day and saw first hand what Bourbon St had to offer. I thought i'd share a few shots of our adventures visiting these two cities.

Other tid bits of our trip include once again bankrupting the Embassy Suites complimentary happy hour bar, visiting the Louisiana State Capitol building, Matt slow dancing with Kranow for $1, Roger showing the forums how to supported strafe, shooting a whole bunch of guns , Matt almost spending $100 on fancy lotion from this cute European girl, remaining undefeated at armwrestling(open challenge to all), showing LSU girls a thing or two, and visiting New Orleans.

Left eKComm, center Rokis, right DZADragon

Kranow showing us how to shoot without recoil

Thug life

Ribbon from Kranow's collection


eKComm dancing with the groom for a buck. Girl beside them THIRSTY

Post wedding celebration

View from the top of the Louisiana Capitol building

The groom and groomsmen looking fly

Bourbon street...

Famous Louisiana crawfish

Army Strong

Washington Artillery Park with a view of the St. Louis Cathedral

A BIG thank you goes to Kranow for inviting us to his wedding, feeding us delicious homemade southern grub, and letting us shoot his armory without ear protection(lawl). This trip was originally planned out when eKComm was playing with us, and despite the change of roof, it was great to meet a standup dude like himself. I mean, we all make mistakes.

I met Rokis on my last trip and I've gotta say that he's one of the most down to earth guy I know. In fact, it amazes me that every single individual we've met on this trip and the previous has been a stand up act.

I look forward to our next trip, there's already talk of Florida or Costa Rica. You can see the entire album HERE
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    Good times!
    Bhop is a string of jumps with no interruptions.
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    is this a leaked pic of an new upcoming aapg map?

    View from the top of the Louisiana Capitol building
    it's one of those airborne maps, isn't it?!
    this pic is from a parachute, like jrtc farm, right?

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    My dudes!
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    You know Ccor lives about 20 min from me. Might have to meet the guy soon.
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    Can't believe it took me this long to see this post. Great time. BUMP
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