TWL League Season 2 - Mid Season SITREP

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Hello again,

Season 2 is reaching the mid of it, being played 4 weeks so far.

In the EU Open, 16 teams are still fighting for the best positions possible, according to their objectives, having in mind not only the victory but also the places that could allow them to be promoted for a more competitive division in the next season.

At this point, Team is the team in the best position to win EU Open, but they cannot step out of the gas because Virtual Insanity is in pursuit and with a better rounds difference.

A very pleasant surprise is Mordeczki Squad, that after learning at the hard way in Season 1, they're running in 3rd followed by Warriors of Redemption.

Seriously Team, that were one of the Season 1 deceptions due to their experience, seem to got back on track, with 3 winnings, closing the closest pursuit group.

Not a Clan and Immortals, are also good surprises, being the only rookie teams that are dealing better than the rest in their first competing season.

FOX, PAS, XL and Ing, are also showing that they learn part of their lesson, and are now demonstrating that they are much more solid teams now.

In the end, walking the stone path, goes the rest of the rookie teams, Slayers, eGc, pR, Hc and iG, paying the price of being the less experienced, but willing to do better every time.


In EU Invite, the favorite teams are not disappointing their fans. In Group B, iForgot is smashing all the competition with 3 straight wins. In Group A, iG and pR are now tied, leaving the dispute of the 1st place reduced to rounds, where Internet Gangsters have a comfortable 6 rounds plus. In very though positions KSS and CSP will most likely play the relegation matches, in a final hope to avoid dropping to a lower division.


At this point, the major deception is the NA division that due to several problems, "insists" in not starting. Its a pity that such good teams like kT and others, can't have their space to show their good AAPG. Lets hope we can solve it in the future.
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