Rebuilding shader cache

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As many of you know we are having to rebuild shader cache when loading user made maps , many times its even if you have played the map already or even if you are the one who created the map.
We had the same issue about a year ago and it got corrected but ever since the last patch it been doing it again. I bugged it more than once but no resolve??


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    I have also seen this often. The server builds the shaders so it kicks everyone till the server and the players pc have the shades build and in order. I have found there is a trick. If it is taking some time in about 20 sec you can hit your spacebar and it will either open a tap about the game of which you only need to click or it will help load you in. Also if you make or the UMM Maker makes adjustments to the map. Expect it to happen again. Even though its the same map you have changed it and now it must check and build them again.

    As a player myself that enjoys UMM's I also agree and hope that this issue is addressed. thank you for the repost of this issue. I am sure it will be taken care of asap.
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