FGN Site Redesign in Progress

-=DA=-Denial_FGN-=DA=-Denial_FGN Posts: 45Player
Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a minute to give everyone an update. I have received a few requests as to when the new site will be available. So here's a brief pic of the site just to show people that are moving forward faster than what we originally stated.



  • Gronfather@TwitchGronfather@Twitch Posts: 466Player
    Not trying to be negative here but that looks like another wordpress shell?

  • -=DA=-Denial_FGN-=DA=-Denial_FGN Posts: 45Player
    Still going strong on redesigning the site. Below are a couple of links for what the new AAPG section fill look like.

  • PhilippovichPhilippovich Posts: 218Player
    nice - :D
  • -=DA=-Denial_FGN-=DA=-Denial_FGN Posts: 45Player
    New site is now live.
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    Not bad. Will have to poke around a little bit when I have more time.

    You know what would be kind of cool? Track player stats over the course of all FGN seasons. If I click on a player profile, it would be cool to see a total kill/death/kdr breakdown, as well as individual season stats...plus teams assigned to, etc. Ideally, it's all automated based upon the information provided during reporting match results so your admins arent crunching numbers every week
  • Gronfather@TwitchGronfather@Twitch Posts: 466Player
    I've received quit a few errors while looking around. Also quite slow, any reason why?

  • -=DA=-Denial_FGN-=DA=-Denial_FGN Posts: 45Player
    Doogle, you can do that now. The way the tracking is setup, it's for all competitions. We can break things down for each competition later.

    Gron, which errors are you referencing? I am still doing some bug fixing with deciphered on the site, so let me know.
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