How to resolve DDOS attack on the server ?


  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 169Player
    Ddos protection is only available to companies or who own many servers because its very expensive.
    Theres really not a lot you can do except trying to notice it quickly
  • It really kind of depends on what kind of the attack. Is it really DDOS or just DOS. DOS are easy to stop because they come from small blocks of IP ranges and are easy to block, simply DROP them within your firewall software. On any attack you always use DROP over REJECT, because REJECT informs the attacker he's been firewalled, whereas DROP is a simple null route.

    If it is a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Server) attack cannot be stopped easily at the server level, and depending on the attack, you may need datacenter resources to mitigate it. Best methods to stop ddos attacks is using major datacenters who own or partner with companies who have the hardware and software to identify and filter out the traffic. DDOS protected IP's can range from $5 and up depending on providers.

    I hope that gives you some understanding
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 169Player
    A 40$ firewall wont work against some ddoser 150$ equipment.
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    You can literally order ddos attacks for as little as 5$ online. I'd be surprised if someone actually dedicated more just to ddos AAPG servers.
  • DrawnDrawn Posts: 169Player
    If it's just some meanie it will help.
    Just wanted to mention it.
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