TWL League Season 2 - EU & NA Divisions OPEN



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    i9.doogle wrote: »
    i9.doogle wrote: »
    When is TWL going to get a website again? Trying to follow the action via forums is painful. I mean I know there's no competition out there, but [TOS Violation]. It's like AAPG is stuck in this weird rut of leagues that refuse to have user friendly interfaces

    Feel free to make the website when you won't get any money from it. If you do that successfully, then maybe you can complain about the websites this game has for now

    I would have been happy to fund the development of something that wasn't complete crap, as I'm sure there are several people out there who would have been willing to do it. But since the community managers, developers and AAPGs general leadership refused to listen to their customers years ago, the game is beyond help and will not rebound on PC.

    In that light, I absolutely do not blame the lack of interest in developing a website. The point I wanted to make was that TWL had been down for a significant time and had zero resemblence of an interface; it was 100% tracked via forums. At least FN and FGN made the attempt.

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