Old AA2 player looking for a unit that is in comp

xR8eDxR8eD Posts: 2Player
Hello,i just recently started playing aapg and would like to join a clan. I am looking for a clan that is laid back but also participates in comp as well as one that will help me become a better player, I am 25 years old live on the east coast of the USA I play daily usually and got lots of free time cause of having surgery that will keep me out of work for the next 3 months. Also I do have a kid and ventrilo,teamspeak. Hope to hear from some units soon


  • Twitchr.Carbon8Twitchr.Carbon8 Posts: 337Player
    Hey Xrated,

    We are looking to pick up 1-2 more players. Over half the team was previous competitive AA2 players, and we leasirely play if FGN now.

    If you are interested feel free to add myself, SoldiersPrivate, or Twitch on Steam. Or hop into our discord at https://discord.gg/fr8qXVM where we are usually on daily from 7-9pm CST (8-10 EST).
  • [DFekt].Killinzero[DFekt].Killinzero Posts: 81Player

    If you're interested in a milsim type game play, have a look at the Third Infantry Division. you're more than welcome to join us on our public teamsoeak @ teamspeak.3rdinf.us to get to know us better.


  • xR8eDxR8eD Posts: 2Player
    I'm interested in both I'll be in contact soon
  • [DFekt].Killinzero[DFekt].Killinzero Posts: 81Player
    You may message me on steam.

    Staff Sergeant J.Rizzo
    3rd Infantry Division
    Bravo Company, Platoon Readiness NCO
    Recruiting & Retention Office, NCOIC

  • -pR|speT.-pR|speT. Posts: 59Player
    Hello guys.

    Since you are looking for a new competitive clan, how much more attractive you wouldn't be if they were competing in TWL League Season 2.

    PTranger Portuguese Rangers Founder
    TWL Teamwarfare Competition Director
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