First round of weapon skin additions!

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Hey everyone,

Dev Rawrster and I went through the submissions we've had so far and picked out the first batch of skins we are going to add. As this was not a contest but a running program, we will continue to add more great skins in the future as they are submitted.

There were a lot of great entries and we had a blast watching you all create. [ENG]Uni-Sol truly went above and beyond and created great skins for every weapon. As such, we are adding in the "[ENG]Uni-Sol Hex Package" as a complete pack, along with some of our other winners.

If you want to make a skin, click through this LINK to find out how!


M4 Black Grey – Root-Access
M4 Magma - -VI-troub!E
M4 Worn Desert - (-n00b-)Bones
M9 Stainless BB - Smurffy
M24 Big Game Hunter (small text) - Smurffy
M1911 Nickel - (-n00b-)Bones

M4A1 Screamin' Eagle (Worn) by Keebler750

[ENG]Uni-Sol Hex Package

M4 Woodland Hex
M16 Woodland Hex
M14 Woodland Hex
870 Woodland Hex
M24 Woodland Hex
M249 Woodland Hex
M249 Betty Hex

M9 Woodland Hex
M1911 Desert Hex
The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.



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